Monday, April 21, 2014

at the hop

Nothing says Springtime like Easter! And this year, along with the obligatory egg dyeing, Q and I also joined Kimmie and Elsie on a cookie making date.  It was super fun!

Of course, we also joined the Wises for the annual Easter get together. We had an easter egg hunt, tons of delicious food, pinata, and lots of time to visit. It was a good day. 

Q with her haul.

these party confetti dots looked awesome in Q's hair, but were a pain to get out! 

After that party we headed over to the Woodruff's, for some yummy dinner and hanging out. Q, luckily, got a little nap in and was ready to go for more fun times! Janice and Larry just bought a new house in Salem that is just perfect. Q had so much fun running around with all the kids, and I had a blast hanging out and talking with some of my favorite people in the world. (unfortunately, no pictures were taken)
On Easter morning, Q was excited to get up and see what the "bunny" had left her. 
I get Q make up from the 1$ store and she loves it. PLus anything ninja turtles is always a hit.

i found this cheap digital camera on amazon, and Q loves taking videos and pictures. 

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