Friday, April 18, 2014

Story of my life

Oh that Q she both cracks me up, and makes me want to pull my hair out on a daily basis. She is one big ball of energy, creativity, emotion, and strength. She loves playing dress up, coin some sort of art, watching her shows/movies, singing, performing, playing outside, and being wherever her mom is. She is just so cute. 

this was not on easter, in fact it was a couple months prior, and she came out dressed as a rabbit. With a pink nose included. 

Q loves her "treasures"

Q's singing group is performing "tomorrow" from Annie, and for practice one day Q insisted on wearing this. Oh this girl. 

This what happens to Q's hair in the bath. pre shrinkage. Look how long it is!

my aristocat. 

Q loves putting on make up, and loves giving mommy make overs. 

inspired by the homeless who beg near the walmart, Q made this sign one day. I was dying. 

Seriously once the sun comes out, this girl is outside!

Q at swim lessons, I told her to smile...and instead she gave me Tyra Banks "top model" posing. Gotta love it. 

Q LOVES the teenage mutant turtles, and Donatello is her favorite. two reasons: one, he is the smart one. second, he has a space in his teeth like her. 

our dentist has 80's arcade games in his waiting room. it's awesome!

Q's hair. air dried and afro'ed out. 

hipster princess

Q with her "boobies"

on St. Patty's day the leprechaun sent Q on a scavenger hunt and she found gold coins!

This outfit kills me! I love using her as my personal doll. 


Kristy said...

Q makes the greatest faces ever.

Ike and Linh Earl said...

I agree with Kristy! Great pictures!! Miss you guys and can't wait to see ya'll at the reunion!