Friday, April 11, 2008

If a homeless person has a funny sign...he hasn't been homeless that long...A REAL homeless person, is too hungry, to be funny

"How come Chris Rock can do a routine and everybody finds it hilarious and ground-breaking and then I go and do the exact same routine, same comedic timing, and people file a complaint to Corporate? Is it because I'm white and Chris is black?"-Michael Scott

So I am so excited cause today my friend michelle and I are heading over to Seattle to see Chris Rock perform live. His new "No apologies" tour came to the Paramount Theater. It's going to be amazing. I pretty much have all of his previous routines memorized, and I just laugh whenever he talks to this should be pretty awesome. Plus we are gonna eat at the Cheesecake factory which is always delicious...oh my stomach is craving it already....what a good night!

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Piper said...

How fun! Lucky!