Wednesday, April 9, 2008

you're the inspiration....

With American idol's 2nd annual "Idol Gives Back" show on tonight I really just can't stop thinking....will africa ever be okay? I mean, seriously, for years hollywood and stars all over have come together for the cause that is basically "save africa" and has it helped? I think what they need is just another star filled inspirational song... I mean if Jimmy Kimmel can line up Huey Lewis, Harrison Ford, and Robin Williams for his "i'm f-in ben affleck" video, surely idol could line up some singing powerhouses to make a song for Africa. We could really use one right now...

In the 80's we had USA for Africa's "We are the World"

......perhaps they could just do a remake (i'm sure Dan Akroyd is free)?

There was also the Brit's version of helping the cause with Band Aid's "Do they know it's Christmas time?" (besides the Police and Boy george I don't know many people in this photo...I think I see bananarama though)

In the 90's we had "Voices that Care"

(it was for the war but still a great star filled inspirational song that packed a punch...I mean c'mon they had Fred Savage singing!)

Then in 2001 a song was lined up to help in the AIDS crisis in Africa, but after Sept. 11 they changed some of the words to incorporate that tragedy and ta-da you get a 2 for 1 special on an all star tribute

...brilliant...Britney Spears singing "What's going on" has never brought more inspiration and a feeling of "what can I do?"

So idol...listen up...If you really want people to help out. Call your friends, singing mentors, songwriters, etc...and give us what we want...a star filled inspirational song that will be in our heads forever and forever...(maybe i'm the only one who still knows all the words to the 90's "voices that care" song.... lonely fear lights up the sky....)


Em K DUB said...

That's what I'm talking about!!!! It's been too long!!!

Kimmy said...

You know I still know the words and I can mostly remember who is singing what part!!