Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ride saddle's waiting...Come and jump on it

This is why I love Emily... I can point at anything and say "you know I'm getting a picture of you on that..." and she is always down to sacrifice herself for a photo-op.

p.s. My thoughts on Neil Diamond night for American Idol:

David C. : loved. He really did make the songs sound current. Although I consider myself a Neil Diamond fan, I was surprised that I hadn't heard either of these songs before.

David A. : I really liked both songs, but I could have used a little more synthesizer on "America".

Brooke: 1st song was a little cheesy, but I'm sorry I loved her version of "I am...I said".

Jason: Although the judges were right that Jason really didn't stretch himself at all with these songs (i think he's ready to go home) I thought his version of "forever in blue jeans" did justice to the original.

Syesha: she may have some singing talent, but I just can't get past the fake smile and over acting. Why was she smiling during "hello again"? I always thought that song was a little melancholy.... And what's up with her not wearing shoes two weeks in a row? is she retaining water?


Em K DUB said...

Ha ha ha ha retaining water!!!! Good one!!!!! And definately needed more synthesizer!!!

mumovearls said...

Nice Em! -nena

Piper said...

I know! Did they use up all the budget on her hair extentions? What the heck? It's bugging me too.
I think Jason's ready to go home too. Typical for a cute boy: No effort put forth, just sit there and look pretty and you'll get by.....
And.... Emily is the cutest thing on the planet!

Kimmy said...

I concur!

Mitch N' Golden said...

I actually watched this week's Idol show some parts and i was at the parents house to see the kick the person off show. I didn't care too much for Neil's song. I was hoping for a little forever in blue jeans.
thats all i got