Wednesday, January 28, 2009

give me one moment in time...

First off I just wanted to say thank you for everyone's willingness to help me out watching Qiana. I am overwhelmed with the love, and thank you all.

A couple little things this week.

Last Friday Qiana joined us girls at the Big Bend basketball game. She was so fascinated with everything for the longest time, but when she wanted to go to sleep she wasn't super excited about the whistle. she would open her eyes like "seriously?" every time. So we left at half time so she could get comfortable. But it was so much fun hanging out with my girls.

My little girl is a ROAD WARRIOR like her mom. She loves just looking out the window in the car, and when she gets done with that she quietly goes to sleep. She likes to be in motion though, and isn't a super fan of sitting in her car seat in the car if it's not moving (ex. long lines at the bank). She wants to be driving somewhere and have something to look at. The other day I opened the door to get her out and she looked so adorable. these pictures don't capture it enough but she had her hand pressed under her chin, and just gazing out the window.

Now do you remember a month or so ago when I posted Qiana's faces during tummy time? Well my girl is making major improvements, and it makes me smile. I don't want to pressure the girl, but who wants the "slow child" right? Anyway, look at my little miss.

Tomorrow is her 4 month mark, and time for more shots. yippee... (do you hear the sarcasm?)


Earl Family said...

Oh I just want to squish that little girl. I can't wait to meet her.

Stephanie Kay Moore said...

So stinkin' adorable

Kacey Nielsen said...

Those are some killer arm rolls!

Kimmy said...

I need to hold her! Why don't you just change your trip to Boise instead of SLC?! By the way, she's always got Elsie that was slower.

melanie said...

I LOVE the rubberbanded arms! The chub on her is just perfect and squishable. She is at my favorite baby age. Love the smiles and happiness.

Piper said...

Oh my HELL! Love the chubby arms! Cannon likes the picture of her in the car seat smiling! Then we had this conversation:
C:"Why is it a "her"?"
Me: "Because she's a girl."
C: "Why is she a girl?"
(i just cut to the chase)
Me: "Because she has a vagina"
C: "Why is it a vagina?"
Me: "Because it's not a penis!!!"
Really, kid?
Can't wait to see how you and Q's 4-year-old conversations go! Geez!

Lori said...

She couldn't be cuter......(yeah I know its more CUTE! ) I'm home so just let me know when you want to make her some bracelets....

Mike and Aubrey Asay said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! She's so cute & looking so old on those tummy pictures! Love the one of her smiling in her car seat! So adorable