Monday, April 20, 2009

I just want you to be in flowers with me

This weekend the girls and I headed over to the Seattle area to see the tulips, eat good food, and just hang out.

It was a blast! The weather couldn't have been better, and the day was just so much fun.

We started out with a delicious meal at the Claim Jumper

my delicious macademia nut crusted halibut...yummmmm

although I think our eyes were bigger than our stomachs!

Then we spent a majority of the daylight hanging out in the tulips.

I just love it so much.

Although a lot of people stop and walk around the fields of tulips, I prefer to drive by those and head to the gardens.

Here you can...

1.see amazing tulips...these are my favorites!

my favorite picture of the day

2. Take cheesy photos in cardboard cut-outs...a favorite of ours.

I think Qiana may be taking after me in her "poses"
my shot last year...

her shot this year...

3. Embarrass ourselves by taking ridiculous shots or re-creating "senior pictures"

Michelle literally playing "leap frog"

the "action" shot

Michelle having to "work" for her beverage

BEFORE:Michelle and Emily posing for a cute shot by the flowers....

AFTER:Michelle and Emily tumbling over and causing quite a scene!

Michelle's senior picture

Emily's senior picture collection

My pictures.
I saw this one red tulip in the rows of white and had to take my shot by it.

4. Entertain a young baby with plenty to look at.
Qiana loved being outside and was completely content with riding in her stroller looking at all the flowers.

5. Buy wonderful tulips to bring home and delicious kettle corn. What a great time!

We also managed to do some shopping at my ol' stoppin grounds, alderwood mall, and ate a delicious "dive" in Bothell the Ranch drive-in.

We used to go here all the time when we were kids, and it pretty much looks the exact same as it always has....i love it.

Yesterday Qiana and I took some tulips to my mom

she loved them, so we brought her favorite colors to her.
I think Qiana enjoyed being outside and sitting in the sun

and perhaps visiting with grandma.


Stephanie Kay Moore said...

simply beautiful... all of it!

dirty>south said...

ohhhhhh, the ranch drive in. i want to go to there.

Peggy Dee said...

Millions of beautiful tulips, three beautiful women, and one beautiful baby!!!

Tell Emily she was the best wardrobe ever. Love that girl!

Kimmy said...

Wow, that sounds like a great weekend. I love seeing the tulips. That's so cool that took some out to know she loved that! (By the way, Qiana's rolls in that last picture are amazing!)

Emily said...

I was just going to say that! That dress looks super adorable on her!

It was the funnest ever, I know I had a great time!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh man, what a great tradition for you to keep carrying on, Angie. I love the tulips on your mom's grave. Perfect.

Mike and Aubrey Asay said...

OH!! How fun!! You guys all look so cute! I got teary eyed when I saw the picture of you guys taking tulips to your mom.... I miss her!

Kimmy said...

By the way, you look fabulous in those pictures!

Larry and Janice said...

I second that, Angie! I'm so lame at commenting on blogs- the only thing I keep wanting to say is how ridiculously beautiful Quiana is! This time I'll also add - - so is her mom!!! Georgeous - all of you!! And you gotta love Seattle, right?!! Who wouldn't??? Miss you guys!

Larry and Janice said...

and . . . always missing your mom. So cool you posted your fotos of Quiana and tulips, visiting her-she's lovin' that!

melanie said...

I really think of you and your mom every time someone mentions the tulip festival. I still have the poster she gave me. So thoughtful of you to take her flowers with Qiana.

The whole weekend looks like a blast. I'm so glad you had a good time. I'm ordering that next time I'm at Claim Jumper. Yum!

Piper said...

How fun that Qiana is one of the girls! Beautiful pictures!
and.... is Michelle wearing a SNUGGIE??

Angelique said...

I love tulip festivals! I need to go to the one at Thanksgiving Point. You look great and Qiana is so adorable.

Cali said...

What a fun trip you had. I love Qiana's rolls in the pics at your mom's gravesite.

Mandi said...

So pretty, I would love that! I have to say, you look AMAZING! Gorgeous, love the hair. Qiana...well, we all know she is freakin' precious.