Wednesday, April 15, 2009

'cause we're all just a little bit weird sometimes.

Qiana has some issues. Don't know if they are completely normal, and most of the time it makes me laugh, but I can see some of her issues getting a little annoying at some point. Here are my baby's little "quirks"

1. Eating: Why is is that Qiana will put anything in her mouth

(look at her deer in the headlights look...)

...except BABY FOOD!

This is my biggest frustration, and Kimmy and Myhre have had to talk me down from a complete breakdown on occasion. She has always been such a good eater that I was so sure she would take to baby food quickly.....not the case. She will put everything else in her mouth, including an empty baby spoon, but if she sees food she becomes lock jawed and nothing gets in. I think it's just the act of opening her mouth and taking the food in, that she is protesting, because on the rare occasion that I have gotten food in her mouth, she doesn't spit it out and in fact licks her lips in enjoyment of the food that has graced her palette...such a diva.

(uh-uh you ain't puttin' that in my mouth!)

(tryin' to act like i'm not even there...)

2. Sleeping: I'm afraid my baby has a suffocation fetish. Ever since she was born she had loved the feel of my hand on her cheek, and that simple act has calmed her down easily from her crying. I can tell when she is getting tired because she will grab one/or both of my hands and put them on her face...not on her cheek...literally covering her face. Now she has gotten to the point where she is most comfortable laying in bed with the blankets touching her face on all sides, and often times I will check on her while sleeping and she has pulled the blankets completely over one side of her face.

This worries me a little, so I constantly check on her while napping. She doesn't like the blanket covering up her mouth, which I think makes it okay for now. The funniest thing about it, is that I HATE things touching my face, and would feel so claustrophobic sleeping like this.

3. Bottles: Qiana has shown no interest in feeding herself, and won't even grab onto the bottle while I am feeding her. such a princess. I am trying to get her to hold the bottle on her own, but her coordination needs some work. I think she can do it...the problem is...she doesn't WANT to. I guess I don't blame her. If I had the option of laying around and having someone feed me all the time, I don't think I would be in any rush to do it myself either.

her first attmept

looks like she had is for a couple seconds...and then is easily distracted...

4. Attention: This one isn't so much a frustrating, as an amusing fact about Qiana. The girl can't keep her eyes off me. Whenever I leave the room she follows matter what...and waits until i come back into view.
These positions can't be comfortable...


Samantha said...

Look at her leg in that first picture! Oh she is just adorable! I love the quirks. Kate was stubborn about holding her bottle. Seriously, for 2 days I had to hold her hands onto the bottle so that technically she was the one doing it before she finally realized I wasn't going to be holding it for her anymore. haha. babies are so fun.

Kimmy said...

I know I've told this already, but Elsie NEVER held her bottle. Sure, it's true, I never got hardcore enough to force it, but she never showed any interest. You may still be holding Qiana's cup a year from now just like I still do on occassion. I know I shouldn't be admitting that!

I love that she can't take her eyes off of you. I never appreciated it until this last visit and got to see it first hand. She's so strong, too!

She's too cute!

Colleen said...

Such great quirks! I love her faces with the baby food. And the sleeping all cuddly like that, so sweet! Luke was the same way with the food thing...and sadly still is, which is why he is so teensy.

Kacey Nielsen said...

What a sassy little girl!

You might want to try a food she can feed herself like graham crackers or those graduate teething biscuits (take off all her clothes first, they are sooo messy) and let her gum away. Once she realized food is good, she might be more willing to try the strained variety.

Jill said...

I never got any of my three kids to successfully eat baby food, all sorts of other stuff, but no baby food. So they basically skipped that step and went straight to regular food. Don't sweat it too much.

And Sophie insists on sleeping with a blanket over her head. This drove me insane for several months, then I just gave up on the constant checking.

MomSqrt said...

How sweet!!!
I've been through those SAME issues with my kids!
If you are getting frustrated with her not opening her mouth for the food, I'd stop the baby food, and waits until she starts reaching for everything you eat. That usually means they are ready and wanting to have what they see. I found that with my girls and it made feeding time so much more pleasant! :)
I have 2 of my girls that like to be lightly tickled down the bridge of their nose, or on the tricep before they can calm down enough to fall asleep :)
On the bottle issue...
I had somebody once tell me NOT to ever have the baby hold the bottle because then it becomes a possession to them, and it's more difficult to wean them off of it.
I let them hold if if they wanted to, and held it for them if they didn't. I never saw any possessiveness...

These are just a few things I found helpful with my 4 girls. They may work for Qiana and they may not.

Good Luck with everything... She is an absolute doll! And You are a GR8 mom :)


Jess said...

I know I have said it before, but that little girl is just too cute!!!! LOVED your Sunday best :)

Cali said...

Its great to document these quirks...because babies change so fast and you forget all the cute little things they do. Next year, you can check back and smile at all of these awesome entries.