Tuesday, April 28, 2009

tale as old as time..

A few random thoughts.

1.A couple weeks ago, the church did a production of Beauty and the Beast.

Kaiya and Lindsay joined Michelle and I at the play, and it was so much fun!

But enough about that...I really just wanted to tell everyone how proud I was of my friend Emily. When she told me she has the "wardrobe" part I was a little sad cause I didn't think she would be in the play enough to really shine....I am so glad I was wrong.

I never should have doubted her.
She was amazing, and in my opinion kind of stole the show!

Michelle and I were her super fans.

2.This past weekend we had some times with friends and family. Saturday Emily and I watched "Doubt", which was really good. Emily got snacks, so we sat on the couch eating spinach dip/french bread, chocolate covered donettes, and other delicious treats. That night I watched "sevem pounds", which was also very interesting. Overall, very successful movie weekend! Sunday I spent a good majority of the day with Michelle and her family. Her cousin was leaving ona mission so they had his farewell and a BBQ after (yummy). I played a new game called Pirate Farkel with some relatives stacey and lanae, and it's a really easy, fun, game...FARKEL! That night I headed over to Dave and Peggy's house for a little gathering there and of course had a great time. Qiana was well entertained the whole day by new friends and family, which was nice. Her new favorite friend may be the Pyle girls. I wish I would have taken pictures this weekend....oh well.

3. yesterday I thought I lost all my music on my computer. traumatizing. I had backed up, what i thought was all my music onto an external harddrive a couple months ago and put it on my home computer. Then last friday in trying to put all my music on my work computer into one folder I deleted pretty much everything...don't ask me how I did that! I then realized that I HADN'T backed up everything onto that hard drive so I thought...well I guess I have a downloading project to do. Then last night I had an epiphany. Most of my music was on my IPOD, so I search the internet and figured out how to get the music from my IPOD to my computer....AND IT WORKED! The bad news is I lost all my playlists, so the next time I want to update my IPOD I will lose all the playlists still on there, but atleast I know all my music...well atleast all the stuff I cared enough about to put onto a playlist...still exists! phew....

4. i would not have been able to get through the fore mentionned tragedy without the aid of my new favorite drink...The Tropical Smoothie at Jack in the Box. I am drinking one even as I type this...it is divine.


Kimmy said...

Oh, I was feeling so sad for you thinking you had lost all your music. That would be awful! I'm so glad you figured out a way to get it all back. Seriously, my heart started beating faster because I was getting all stressed.

We watched Seven Pounds this weekend as well. I actually liked it. I know a lot of people were disappointed with it, but no us. The only trouble is it made me cry and get all emotional...you know the whole heart thing!

Alyson said...

That production looks amazing. I wish I could have seen it! I have been dying to see Doubt. Glad to hear it is good. And I too watched 7 pounds last week. It was bizarre, but in a good way. Not predictable like most other movies.

mumovearls said...

Emily was Awesome! Ryan and I were laughing when she came out! She stole the show! and seven pounds...I haven't decided about that movie...I finished it last night. -Nena

Emily said...

So pretty much the only night I was super nervous was the night I knew you guys where in the audience, so it was a big relief that you liked it, thanks for always being my superfan. . . . you know you are the wind beneath my wings right????

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I'm so glad there is an expert now at how to get music from an iPod back to the computer. I've needed that a time or two myself and now I know just who to call.