Wednesday, April 1, 2009

she's got skills...yum yum eat em up...

Qiana had her 6 month check-up and this one took it's toll. Usually she has had no effects from the shots, but monday night her poor thighs were so sore I could hardly touch them without her screaming. She went down to sleep around 8 pm, woke up at 9 am (with a fever) to eat a little, then went back to sleep until 2 pm. I felt so bad for her. When she woke up we took a bath, which made everything better I think. But that was rough for a little bit there. I guess it's better than having the yucky diseases the shots vaccinate against, but you couldn't have convinced her of that.

But besides that...
Qiana has hit a couple milestones.

We have also started to introduce some solid foods into her diet. So far she hasn't disliked it, but she also isn't eating as much as I thought she would.

Look at these eyebrows of distrust

But I think that will change with time.
So far sweet potatoes have been a wise choice.

Qiana is also sitting up pretty much unassisted, which is so cute.

she has a very very very round bottom, so the fact that she doesn't topple over every time is quite amazing

But with each success she thinks she's pretty cool, and quite grown up.

Now we need to work on crawling. So far she lays on her tummy, bottom way in the air and wiggles her's a start I guess...right?

sidenote: I know today I would usually post an american idol opinion recap but honestly last night was not a super good episode, and I am actually starting to get really annoyed with this season. I am starting to feel the way I did during season 5 and knowing that the person I hated (Taylor Hicks) was going to win. I sense that Adam Lambert has the judges hypnotized and I just can't stand to watch it anymore. I know that there are Adam fans out there, but ask yourself this..."what KIND of album would Adam put out...and would I BUY that album?" Millions of people LOVED Taylor Hicks...and yet those people did not buy an album...cause he sucked as a recording artist. Yes, adam is talented. yes, he can sing...but is he a RECORDING ARTIST? And a note to all the other contestants...QUIT PICKING SONGS YOU LIKE AND START PICKING SONGS THAT YOU CAN SING WELL!!
AGHHH. I am just sooo annoyed.


Kimmy said...

I wondered how the Qiana was liking the food. It sounds like she'll pick it right up. Sweet potatoes are always a hit!!

I can't believe she can sit up by herself already. I swear, Elsie just took her sweet time on everything.

I wondered what you were going to post about American Idol. It was a bummer of a show. I just don't get the whole Adam thing. Like you said, he's a great singer...but he belongs on Broadway where he came from!

Colleen said...

That brown dress Qiana has on is amazing! She sounds like she is doing just as she should!

Ashley said...

Qiana has the LONGEST eyelashes! What a lucky girl!

Sayda loves sweet potatoes too =)

Alisha Marlatt said...

Angie, I check your blog every once in a while, just to see how you are doing and I have to say that Qiana is seriously one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. She is absolutely adoreable! I bet pictures don't even do her justice either!

melanie said...

Showing off her cute clothes again. I love them!

I am not a fan of the baby food stage. Though the food on Qiana's face is adorable.

Idol is annoying. I'm bored and fast forward through almost every song they choose. And what is with the whole, Adam is amazing platform. Blah, I'm bored like you.

dirty>south said...

I have a hard time eating too, but don't worry..she'll catch on.

man, her eyes are mesmerizing.