Friday, April 17, 2009

These are the things I will remember...when I remember when.

This post is a little random, but I wanted to document some things for future use.

1. I have a baby dress of mine that I have kept all these years. It's the only outfit from my childhood that my mom kept. I was going to use it as Qiana's blessing dress but decided on a fancier one instead. The other day I put the dress on to see how it looked.

I'm quite sure at what age I wore this, but I think I was a lot younger than Qiana. Man I must have been a fat baby cause it fits her sooooo cute.
I think we have been watching too many "model" shows cause she seems to know how to pose...I think I am in trouble when she gets older...

2. As I've mentioned before Qiana loves stuffing things (not food) into her mouth. I have started calling her "gremlin" cause she gets so excited, breaths really hard, and then goes to town on whatever object she gets into her hands. When Kim was here she sat down to have some reading time with Qiana.
It started out innocent enough

Then she got the picture book in her mouth, and fell over in excitement

Then she bent over to retrieve a cell phone she saw on the couch.

Apparently she didn't realize the "show" she was giving the rest of us.

but she eventually got the cell phone, so it was all worth it.

3. Yesterday we tried a biscuit (thanks kacey for the suggestion)...needless to say she loved it.

I am not one that can handle the dirtiness of food, and the grossness that comes with slobber mixed with food all over their face, so this was a little hard to get through.

I think I wiped her hands and face every couple minutes, but she didn't mind as long as she could put the biscuit right back in her mouth.


Cali said...

Love the plumber's crack! Also, the dress is awesome.

Kimmy said...

What a cute crack!

So glad she liked the biscuits. I know what you mean about the mess...those are especially bad! But, at least she enjoyed it.

Kacey Nielsen said...

Yea! Im glad she liked them. I wanted to tell you I just found a baby treat at walmart in the baby snack section. It's called baby mum-mum. they are these little rice biscuits. Rhode loves them and they are not nearly as messy as the other stuff.

Your little baby dress is absolutely beautiful. Your mom had as good of taste in baby clothes as you do!

mumovearls said...

those mum-mum are awesome! you should get those I bet you she would Love them Angie! - Love that dress on her she looks so cute!-n