Thursday, June 25, 2009

But I learned how to swim and I learned who I was...

nena had a sick kid
I gladly took the day off
Qiana and I had our first swimming experience
just as I suspected....she loved it!

(please excuse the bathing suit shots of me, but I wanted to document this experience with Qiana)

The weather was perfect yesterday, and I was so excited to get Qiana into grandma's pool and let her kick around. I bought a couple different flotation items, not knowing which she would like better, but she seemed to like them both.

In the watermelon ring, she took on too much water at one point and coughed a little up, but quickly rebounded and kept on playing.

She loved splashing both herself and mommy, and couldn't get enough of watching emily. After a little over an hour in the pool she was exhausted and went right down for a nap.

Funny story: we were in the pool and emily started freakin out that something was on her. I started laughing cause usually she is just making it up, but as she was swimming away I saw this little guy swimming after her....

my child has now discovered sesame street. out of all the children's shows I have tried to get her to watch, this one held her attention the longest. guess you can't mess with the old school stuff.


Kacey Nielsen said...

Dang! I am sad I missed you guys! We took Rhode and Scarlet to Grandmas pool yesterday too. It was a great swimming day.

And not to state the obvious, but I just can't resist. OH MY GOODNESS that is a cute little swimsuit with a whole lotta adorable rolls running down that baby's arm!

Kimmy said...

One of my greatest joys in life is spending time in Grandma's pool! I am so glad that Qiana loves it as well. You guys are both super cute. :)

ashleyboice said...

ohhh I used to love it when we would find frogs in grandma's pool. I remember we would always look in the pump thingy. Lucky emily.

Emily said...

Um excuse me!!! I am not a boy who crys wolf! Yes maybe I freak out about tiny bugs that actually can't hurt me, but imaginary tiny bugs that can't hurt me. . . that is a false statement!. . . . your baby's cute!