Monday, June 15, 2009

gonna dress you up in my love, in my love

I wish there was something really exciting I can blog about, but alas I've got nothing. My life is pretty much, working, and hanging out at home with Qiana, which sometimes doesn't leave much room for really amazing stories. Plus I've been trying to keep life pretty low key for Qiana, since she still isn't feeling 100% yet, so things can get pretty boring. Thus was the case yesterday, so I decided to have a little fashion show with her. I think it's kind of fun to document her outfits for future "I can't believe my mom made me wear that!" moments, and to put outfits into "themes" is even more fun. Here is what we were able to put together.

"rock concert" or "club" outfit

ready for her first tennis match

my 50's girl

It was pretty fun, and she really got into it.

Oh and here is her newest trick:

yep, she can wave. we've been practicing it, and maybe some kids come by it naturally but Qiana has been more of a head nod, stare, or point girl when saying hello or goodbye. This friendly wave thing is a big step. She does it for me all the time, but has yet to perform for we just have to teach her that performing on command makes mommy look less like a liar. At least I have this picture to prove it.


lindsay>boo said...

All of a sudden, she's looking totally old to me! Not like a little baby anymore! My favorite is the clubbin' outfit!

Kimmy said...

I, on the other hand, love the tennis match outfit. I feel like I need to buy her a racket to match Elsie's! Oh, how fun...they can play tennis together. :)

Lindsay taught Elsie to wave. You can always have her work on it with Qiana!

Piper said...

Cute!! Glad she's up and about!
And, I love having this song stuck in my head now!!

Annie said...

When you figure out how to get them to do things "on command," let me know.

Earl Family said...

She really needs to be in commercials. really.

Colleen said...

You are the best girly girl mom ever! I love her wardrobe! And waving is definitely a big step, what a smart cookie!

Angelique said...

I LOVE the "tennis" outfit. She is so adorable.