Monday, June 22, 2009

There's only us, There's only this, Forget regret, Or life is yours to miss

Happy Birthday to Me!

Last week was my birthday and like always it was so much fun. Getting older isn't too awesome, but I love parties and especially ones that are all about me! Each year I look forward to planning my birthday, and try to make it special. This year was no different. On thursday (my actual birthday) my friends took me out to dinner and we hung out for a little bit after. It was simple, but nice. Then on friday, Michelle, Emily, and I headed over to Seattle for my birthday celebration.

***sidenote***Notice I didn't say Qiana...yep, this weekend was our first night separated, and I was gone for a little over 24 hours. I knew she was in good hands, but it kind of felt like I was forgetting something everywhere we went. But I think she had fun, and won't even remember that mommy left her so that helps me cope.

Anyway back to my weekend. We checked into our hotel, and headed straight to dinner because we were starving and the Cheesecake Factory was calling our name. We gorged ourselves on avocado egg rolls, crispy artichoke hearts, delicious dinners and left no room for dessert....shameful right? But it was all delicious. We then walked around the mall for a bit, and did some other shopping, then headed into Seattle. We went to the Paramount Theater and saw RENT! I have been dying to see this musical for years, and when we heard that not only was it coming to Seattle but that 2 of the original broadway (and film) cast members (adam pascal=roger, and anthony rapp=mark) were reprising their roles, this musical became a must-see! When we arrived we were delighted to see these fierce divas hanging out outside and we had to get a picture.

Workin' it!

The musical was amazing, and lived up to all of my expectations, although there were a couple things that diminished my enjoyment of the show slightly...
1. the completely pretentious 20-somethings sitting behind us that talked like everything that came out of their mouths was not only correct, but needed to be heard by everyone around them...oh and one girl kept talking about how she couldn't see over emily's hair, so loudly, I was two seconds away from making things super awkward.
2. There was a strict no cameras, no cell phones policy for the play...which is completely understandable, but apparently that meant that any picture taking BEFORE the play was also prohibited...ridiculous. So my attempts at creating a "here we are" moment, was completely thwarted by this annoying theater volunteer.
Our first camera attempt got a paparazzi style hand in the shot

and second attempt with my cell phone left much to be desired (except my mischievous smile was perfectly captured)

It had been a long day, and although my shoes were super cute, it was time to take them off and relax in bed...but it took FOREVER TO GET HOME. Our hotel was right off of 520 in bellevue, but as we were heading to that bridge we noticed that it was closed...5 minutes before! aghhh. so we had to turn around and head over the i-90 bridge and all the way to our hotel. so frustrating. but we got home, got in our comfy clothes, and went to sleep.
The next morning we got up, got breakfast at the hotel (where I became best friends with a very nice jewish woman decked out in gold like it was going out of style), and headed to a spa for some pampering. This was one of my best ideas ever!

For a couple of hours, and less than $100 I got a wonderful foot soak, full body scrub, scalp massage, swiss shower (i need one in my house), and 50 swedish massage....completely awesome. My skin has never felt so soft, and so amazing.
then we got ready, ate, and headed home ( I was ready to see my baby)
My birthday weekend, like always, was super fun and spending time with my girls brought major laughs and a new phrase (premature lyrication: definition=singing lyrics to a song too early)

I love my birthday!


Kimmy said...

It all sounds so wonderful. It really makes me sad that I wasn't there to celebrate your birthday with you, but we'll make it up to you in a few weeks!!

I read "premature lubrication" (dirty mind, I guess) and got really confused! Love the happens to me all the time..."premature lyrication" that is. He he.

Emily said...

My Top 3 favorite things from this trip where

1. The Drag Queens

2. The Jewish Lady's Alligator belt

3. Premature Lyrication! You are Brilliant! Have i ever told you that before?

Brittany said...

i hope you had an awesome bday! and i just have to say, on your last post, your little one's chub rolls are KILLING ME!!! she's just so beautiful!

krystind said...

I'm glad that someone else loves their own birthday as much as i do!!! You look amazing by the way.

Brigham said...

Sounds like you almost had a "Dallin moment" with the girls behind you. Way to stick it to the man with the pictures. I tried to do that once by bootlegging at a concert but I got kicked out - I prematurely evacuated. Happy Birthday!