Friday, June 5, 2009

i'm not the average girl in your video...

I've taken some videos of Qiana lately on my phone. Mostly of her just talking, or playing around but the funniest thing about them, I think, is what they "look" like.

picture the camera as justin timberlake
and Qiana in the front row at her first concert
...crazed fan?

her try-out video for sytycd.
look at her shimmy to Kanye's "love lockdown".
you can't tell from the video but it was totally on beat!

Qiana throwing up gangsigns?

If Qiana was on a reality sow.
her late night video diary.


dirty>south said...

she spelled "BLOOD" with her hands. that ruled.

Kimmy said...

Elsie and I enjoyed that very much! She kept saying "again, again". Your description of each video was perfect!