Tuesday, June 30, 2009

cause mama i'm a big girl now...

Qiana was feeling really crummy this weekend (yes...again)
and it was a pretty sad sight to see.

this time she was actually vomiting,
which was a new experience for me (and not super awesome). poor girl.
I did A LOT of laundry these last couple days (thus the no sheets in this shot). poor me.

Because she wasn't feeling well, Qiana and I kind of stayed close to home.
We played in her new little pool. which she loved.

and snuggled a whole lot (even emily got some snuggles in).

But yesterday she was starting to feel better, and just in time for her 9 month mark!

She had her 9 month check-up yesterday and here are her stats:
height: 27 1/4 " (25-50%)
weight: 19 lbs. 13 oz (50-75%)
head: 17 3/4"

For the longest time she had absolutely NO MOTIVATION to crawl. if she really wanted something, she would just roll to it, but very little motivated her to move that much. She much preferred standing (with mommy's assistance), to anything involving her and the ground. Well this week she started at least trying to move a little.

her motivation? music playing on my cell phone.

the sad thing, she shimmy's backwards...very frustrating for her.
She loves music and starts to dance when it comes on, it's pretty much the cutest thing. If she gets a hold of my cell phone, she holds it up to her head like an old school stereo and just wiggles her body.

This is the only thing I can use to get her to try and crawl, otherwise it's up on her legs and she is one happy girl.

I've also started feeding her some real food, and let's just say it's going 150X better than gross baby food. She is a very good eater. Her favorite so far? mac'n'cheese and peas...can you blame her? look at that face!

She is also a huge fan of anything involving rice, noodles, or potatoes. and loves her vegetables. I didn't think she was a big fan of anything sweet since I have yet to get her to eat any fruits, berries, or juice...but the other night...
for a special treat Emily and I ran to DQ for a cone. delicious. Qiana was looking at me with those sweet little eyes, I had to give her a little nibble....and this is what she did.

She was in heaven!

so maybe she has a sweet tooth afterall!

She has also mastered her wave and now does it whenever I hold up the camera, so usually my first picture of her in any pose is her waving, then I get her to put her hand down and take a real picture.

And her love of sesame street was not just a one time fluke. This girl is a super fan. This is my sweet little girl this morning watching sesame street while I got ready.

comfortable Qiana?


Ashley said...

You seriously have one of the cutest little girls EVER! Those BIG eyes, oh, and that chin... so adorable! Sounds like her and Sayda have a lot in common! Their rolls, their scooting backwards when they try to crawl, their love for cell phones, their love for music... oh and that little colorful/flowery outfit that she's wearing in the picture on the bottom left of the collage of her waving =) She is so dang CUTE I just want to SQUEEZE her!

dirty>south said...

the DQ pic rules.

Kimmy said...

Thank goodness she loves DQ!! And her wave is the best. I hope she is still doing that when I see her.

Emily said...

It may have been the greatest day of my life when she waved at me the first time!!! Love it!

Cali said...

I love your baby, and you too!