Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Welcome back to that same old place that you laughed about...

I need to lighten up my day, so I have decided to go "back to my roots" and give a couple pop culture thoughts and lists!

First my random thoughts:

1. Jimmy Fallon on late night television is rocking my world. He has given me such things as slow jammin' the news, freestylin with the roots, i licked it for $10, rush limbaugh karaoke, and "a shared experience". Plus he's trying to get the whole "saved by the bell" cast together for a 20 year reunion....brilliant! and then....he did this little ditty last week and it made me laugh so hard (especially since I laugh about the whole harry potter/twilight craziness anyway)

2. I know that new show "Glee" is probably going to be super fabulous....but if I have to see ONE MORE COMMERCIAL for it, I may just boycott it based on my annoyance and over-exposure principal. Man that's annoying.

3. Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island are freakin geniuses. If you've missed any of the "digital shorts" songs on SNL, I suggest you find them on the internet and watch. I also downloaded some songs off their album, and I would highly suggest taking a little listen at their song "dreamgirl (edited)" featuring norah jones, and try not to laugh...it it impossible.

4. I'm having a hard time really getting into SYTYCD dance this year and i think it's because I am not attracted to any of the guys, so I have to rely on my "oh isn't he adorable" fascination with Evan...but I don't know if that's enough. Should my love on this show rely on "eyecandy"? probably not, but I know what I like. :)

5. I was talking with somebody a couple days ago who actually knew what "the state" and "kids in the hall" were...this is rare, and it made me happy! Sometimes having someone else validate an obscure pop culture reference can bring such joy!

My friend Emily reminded me that I haven't posted a "what I am listening to right now" post in a very long time. she is right. I don't know why I haven't, it's not like I have stopped downloading music or listening to the newest jams...cause that sure hasn't changed.

So here it is folks...

MY TOP 15 SONGS ON HEAVY ROTATION: (in no particular order)

1. akon- beautiful. Akon puts out the hits, but add in Colby o'donis' smooth voice and you got me hooked.
2. cobra starship-good girls gone bad. For all you Gossip Girl fans this little ditty features leighton messer (blaire) in vocals and in the video.
3. lionel richie-just go. Oh Lionel you still know how to do it! this is a great summer jam.
4. black eyed peas- boom boom pow. Emily is more a fan of "imma be" cause of the "fast part"m which i agree is pretty sweet, but overall this song is better and rocks the whole way through.
5. michael jackson-shae your body (down to the ground) An MJ classic that I had forgotten about, and now can't listen to it enough.
6. beyonce-ava maria. I don't have to convince you that Beyonce is b-rilliant, and this song is hot!
7. drake- best i ever had. any canadian teen drama fans out there? jimmy, the degrassi actor, is now a rapper. a really good rapper actually. and this song gets played about 10-20 times a day in my world. love love love it.
8. keri hilson- knock you down. any song with ne-yo is pretty much a winner in my book, i mean that guy has the midas touch.
9. the dream-my love. A great r'n'b jam featuring mariah carey. some great one liners in this jam.
10. soulja boy-kiss me thru the phone. a big hit with Qiana, and thus a big hit with me. plus, compared to the rest of his songs.... 20X less annoying.
11. jamie foxx-she got her own. remember what i said about ne-yo's midas touch..well add a little jamie foxx to the mix, and you got yourself a serious jam. plus it talks about independent women and you know that speaks to me!
12. Ciara-never ever. Although "lovesexandmagic" does feature justin timberlake, I like this hit better.
13. India.arie-chocolate high. two of the greatest voices in r'n'b right now india.arie and musiq soulchild team up for this song. brilliant.
14. mos def-auditorium. p.diddy tweeted " if you love hip hop, you have to get mos def's new album". and he was right. his first single off that new album "auditorium" is hip hop at it's finest. plus it features hip hop great slick rick, and mos def former blackstarr group member talib kwali.
15. keith sweat-i want her. This is my 90's old school jam that has resurfaced in my life. he performed it at the latest BET awards, and my love was rekindled.

On average I have always been a bigger fan of male recording artists, but these three ladies are putting out the hits that I just can't get enough of.
Catchy tunes=happy me
Pink-sober, please don't leave me, so what
kelly clarkson- my life would suck without you, i do not hook up
lady gaga-poker face, love games, just dance


Kimmy said...

I think you should be required to do these song lists on a weekly (or maybe monthly) basis. I'm so out of it! I love to know what it worth listening to. :)

I'm totally gonna try out GLEE!! Why are you watching commercials anyway? Don't you DVR??

No one will ever top Dominic on SYTYCD...kind of a bummer.

Brittany said...

yay for this post! reading your song list had me thinking of all the songs i haven't listened to in forever. am i the only one who feels like now that i have kids i'm a boring old foger? seriously.

Peggy Dee said...

Did you watch Glee? I love, love the scene where they go to check out their "competition" (He says with air quotes). "They may be the reigning regional champions but I don't think they have our natural talent" and then they watch that other school perform the Rehab number with their jaws on the floor. So so funny and, frankly, I have been through that experience more than once I think. Did you see Lauren from SYTYCD in the Rehab number?

Kalani said...

Right now I am addicted to Stevie Wonder-Partime Lover. Old Skool but so good!