Tuesday, July 14, 2009

vacation, all I ever wanted...vacation, had to get away

This past weekend, Qiana and I packed up the car and headed down to Nampa to visit Kimmy and her crew.
Oh it was so nice to just get out of town.
Some of my favorite memories of childhood was spending time with my cousins, and I want Qiana to have the same enjoyments.
And we both enjoyed ourselves completely.

I am pretty easy to entertain, so just give me some good company, good conversation, and of course good food and I am one happy girl.
So although Kim was constantly worried that they were "boring", I thought it was fun to just relax and and play with the kids.

Elsie loves her Gigi (me) and "baby Qiana", so she stayed pretty close the whole weekend, which was so funny.
Qiana loved her cousin too, so it was fun to see how they interacted.

We mostly just hung around the house
but we did venture out for some errands,

and to play on the playground nearby. Qiana went down a slide for the first time, and of course I was there to capture the moment, Unfortunately she didn't care to pose.

other than that it was hanging out watching tv, with Mickey Mouse playhouse, dora, and sesame street on heavy rotation...

or playing outside. We brought out bubbles one day and Elsie showed Qiana the beauty of bubbles.

At one point Elsie decided she didn't want to sit with us anymore (i think maybe I wasn't showing her enough attention) so she got her hat and glasses on and sat on the table by herself. It was possibly the cutest thing ever.

and it captured Qiana's attention.

Such a relaxing weekend!

Thanks Kimmy, Aaron and Elsie!


Angelique said...

I am the same way, don't need too much to entertain me..love just hanging out.

Cute orange dress!

Kimmy said...

First, you failed to mention that I had sweaty, workout hair in those pictures on the slide. I would like to think I usually look slightly better than that.

Second, we had a great time with you guys. Elsie is still wondering where her "Gigiana" went. I don't know why I was so paranoid about you being bored. I think I forgot that's pretty much what we did for 9 months straight while we lived up there. :)

Cali said...

This is random...but Qiana's outfits are to die for!

Crisdee said...

where did you get that adorable orange dress!!???????