Monday, July 6, 2009

Summertime and the livin's easy...

What a great weekend.
Friday the girls and I hung out at grandma's pretty much all day. We played in pool, chatted with david and peggy's crew, and ate scones (delicious). At one point Qiana was napping, so Michelle, Emily, and I put music on the ipod and floated around the pool just old was awesome.
Friday night Michelle and I had some delicious food at Tsunami I love that place. Then Brittany came over to watch Qiana while we headed to Ephrata for some karaoke.
it was....interesting.
The lady running the karaoke was completely unorganized and kind of annoying...I couldn't stand her. She didn't have a majority of our regular songs, so we had to get creative, and it just didn't feel as fun. But we had some good company (michelle's family and kyle) and that made it okay, but man it was a late night and I was soooooo tired driving home.

Saturday we got an invititaion to a shin-dig out at jeff and becky's so the girls and I headed out there. SO MUCH FUN. Their pool was so nice and warm and Qiana was LOVING IT. we had amazing food (kylie I am still dreaming about that chocolate dessert), great company, and lots of sun. I completely understand why Qiana refused to take a nap. Emily and I were even able to get some bonding time on the jet ski.

I hadn't been on one in forever, and forgot how fun they were.

Emily hit the waves by herself at first (she had never been on one before)

and it was funny watching her get on and ride around.

Qiana and Michelle hung out by the dock, taking pictures.
(qiana was in a bathing suit, but I had taken it off for her nap...but she didn't want to sleep)

That night Qiana had a complete meltdown. For a child that barely cries, she really put her all into this breakdown. she was crying so loud, and it seemed to last forever. poor girl was just SO TIRED she couldn't even sleep. Finally Michelle and I put her in the car and drove around a bit...and she fell asleep almost instantly and slept through the night.

Yesterday I spent the day dividing my time between playing with her and trying to move her stuff into her newly finished room. For some reason she was completely high maintenance yesterday (she is still kind of sick with a running nose, so maybe that's why), and was totally distraught

if I wasn't holding her or at least sitting right by her while she played.

This made my little project last FOREVER. but it is finally done. she is now in her own room, with her blackout curtains up, cute dots on the wall, and totally organized. I love it. and apparently she does too, cause she slept from 8:30 last night until 7:45 this morning. Yippee.


Kimmy said...

It's not often we see a grumpy Qiana picture. It makes me laugh! Nothing beats ML in the summer. Sounds like fun! Oh yeah, those pictures of Emily are priceless. :)

Samantha said...

Oh this post made me really miss the family and ML. And i love the dark shades- my kids sleep in an hour later in the morning since I've started darkening their windows.

Kacey Nielsen said...

Oh my goodness, blackout shades are the greatest invention of this century.

And why do I not know about Kylie's amazing chocolate treat?! I don't know what it is but it is still making me hungry...

Emily said...

I will never forgive you for posting that butt shot of me. . . . . you play dirty Bates, DIRTY!!!!! I will get you back for this!