Monday, July 20, 2009

but all she wants to do is dance dance...

first off let me just say a big thank you to everyone who offered advice about my "letter Q" dilemma. I am so grateful. I have chosen a solution, and when it gets all done I will for sure post pictures.

this weekend, was fun and just relaxing. friday night we just hung out and watched a movie, saturday we spent the day at the pool and hanging out with friends, and sunday we got some stuff done around the house and just hung out by ourselves.
I know I have mentionned how much Qiana loves sesame street but I had to capture JUST HOW MUCH on camera. She seriously will just sit

stand, or lay there while this show is on, and has no care about what i am doing while she watches.

I even tried to get a picture of some mom and daughter time, but she wasn't paying any attention to me

I love her face in this next one

After sesame street it was time to stretch our legs with a little dance party. Again...I am not exaggerating when I say THIS GIRL LOVES TO DANCE. Her face instantly lights up when music comes and she can't help but feel the beat. Right now her "jam" is 'kiss me thru the phone'..brittany plays it for her all the time, and Q just moves.

man, i always forget you can't video at this angle, but I love how she gets down to the old school jams

don't you love how she "puts her hands in the air"?

and lastly I had to post a picture of my favorite face Q makes...her "old man" face.


dirty>south said...

old man face rules

Kimmy said...

You can totally tell she feels that music! You go, girl!

Kacey Nielsen said...

I love the hand trade off. That girl wants to wave both her hands in the air so bad! Watch out dance world, when Qiana can stand on her own there is going to be some serious breaking down.

Nina said...

I love the pictures of her watching Sesame Street! So Serious! She may like the movies Elmo goe to Grouchland and Big Birds - Follow that Bird. Both can be found at Walmart in the $5.00 movie section. Bella has loved both movies...maybe Qiana will enjoy them too!

Nina said...

Oops...Elmo GOES to Grouchland. I need to slow down and proof read my comments...ugh!