Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OK Now Do It How U Do It Gone And Walk It Out....

Yes, Qiana has a pair of leg warmers... :)

and I think they are so super fantastic and adorable...but they are also magic!
Because yesterday Qiana started walking. Yippee.
At first it was a couple times of 4 steps each.
From her toy to me.

But then Clinton stopped by and after wrestling with him for awhile she was up for walking again...but this time she was able to walk 12 steps from me to him. 12 steps!

I am so excited....and I think she is too.


Kimmy said...

I am so excited for her!! You need to get video of her walking ASAP!!

And, the leg die for.

Krystin said...

I love the baby leg warmers. They are pretty easy to make too. Congrats on the walkin little lady!

dirty>south said...

oh ya Q. now you can cause some real trouble. big ups.