Wednesday, October 21, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things....

And now a blog post full of pop culture!

Top 6 tv shows I can't miss:

1. How I Met Your Mother: two words...Barney Stinson. This character makes the show, and I laugh each week. This past week's episode about being an "american" vs. "canadian" was delightful.

2. Flash Forward: One of the few new shows that I added this season, and it hasn't disappointed. I am not one who tries to "figure things out", but instead just go with the story lines and watch it all unfold. How crazy would it be to get a glimpse of your future...crazy. Joseph Fiennes is nice to look at as well. good casting!

3. Glee: I know almost everyone has jumped on this little band wagon, and for good reason. The show is ridiculous, but it works. And any show that allows people to break out in song, or mashes up "confessions" and "it's my life, or has a football team doing the "single ladies" all right by me. Plus add in Jane Lynch and her "sue's corner"....oh my gosh. brilliant.

4. The Mentalist: although I am pretty sure I would approve of Simon Baker just sitting and smiling at the camera for an hour, this show has all the ingredients of greatness. a cop show with biting humor, interesting story lines, and a cast that seems to vibe well each other. a hit!

5. the NBC thursday line-up: The Office and Parks and Rec are off to great starts on the season...and have given me many laughs already. Oh I love thee. And now that 30 rock is back, my line-up is complete. The parks and rec episode where the staff is trying to find dirt on each other and leslie goes on a date with the cop hasn't been erased yet from my DVR cause it makes me laugh every time! (wiz palace? genius)...and don't even get me started on the wedding episode when dwight kicks that girl in the face..oh I am laughing even now.

6. House- The first few episodes where House is in the psych hospital was fascinating and so insightful into the character of House...brilliant acting by Hugh laurie. and now that he is reunited with his old staff, it has been so funny. Now if they can just fire Omar Epps (that guy drives me insane) the show will be perfect.

Top 6 Guilty Pleasure shows:

1. Real World/Road Rules Challenge: the ruins. Joel mchale is right, it is the longest title ever...but I can't stop watching this ridiculous drama, booze filled reality show. These kids should get real jobs and a life, but I feed off of their loser status and willingness to do anything for a few I can't complain.

2. 90210/Melrose Place: yep it's 1996 again, and I love these shows just as much as I did back then. They are cheesy, unrealistic, and filled with horrible acting (ashley simpson wentz), and yet I love them.

3. The amazing race: this show is still on top. There is no way I could ever compete in this challenge, and that could be what draws me into it. But seeing the different countries, watching the teams self implode, and cheering on my favorites (was zev and the globetrotters) makes this show awesome.

4. Castle: The main character is cheeky and somewhat pompous, but the chemistry between him and his "muse" and the relationships with his family make this "just another cop show", a little lighter and more entertaining..and one that I can't live without.

5. America's Next Top Model: How many cycles has this been on? who knows...but dang, it still keeps my attention every season. Tyra is kind of crazy most of the time, and her acting is absolutely dreadful, but she KNOWS what she is talking about when it comes to modeling and it's crazy to see what a simple looking girl can do in front of the camera.

6. Million Dollar Listing: have you watched these guys? OH MY GOSH they are train-wrecks, and I love watching it.

Top 4 shows I am losing/or lost interest in:

1. Survivor: I was forced to quit watching it, and just reading about it when FlashForward stopped replaying on Fridays so I had to replace Survivor....and I haven't missed it. That evil Russell guy was starting to get super annoying, and when one team sucks and always loses, I lose my interest.

2. SYTYCD: I think with the seasons so close together I have yet to really get into the season. Even towards the end of last season i was starting to get annoyed with the constant patting on the backs of the choreographers, and shamless self-promoting by nigel that I don't know if I have a real interest in another season. I used to think this show was awesome, but after Nigel telling me how awesome they are over and over again...I am no longer impressed.

3. American idol: it hasn't even started yet, and already I am done. I love Ellen, but I think the addition of her as a judge was simply pointless and now I hear they have banned Simon and Ryan from doing their usual "gay banter" in fear of offending viewers...simply ridiculous. I don't think I have the patience to sit through another season.

4. Real Housewives: I think this last season of Atl may have killed it for all the casts (i'll have to see when NY comes back to make a final cut). Too much drama. The housewives seem to have bought into their own "hype" and really think they are something special...which they are not.

and for your listening pleasure:

1. Forever by Drake feat: kanye west, lil'wayne, and eminem: great song, and although each rapper does their best..eminem blows them out of water

2. body language by Jesse Mccartney feat. t-pain: oh jesse, you are adorable and your songs are so dang catchy.

3. I want to know what Love is by Mariah Carey: yes it's a remake of the 1980's power ballad, and it is awesome.

4. Evacuate the dancefloor by Cascada: usually this little artist is known for her dance remixes of popular songs, but this ditty is both catchy and completely danceable...good song.

5. At this moment by Michael Buble: a remake of the amazing song by Billy Vera (aka: alex p keaton and ellen's "song" on Family Ties). Buble puts his own personal touch on this gem, and makes it awesome.

and a little sidenote:
Q is finally all better!

Thanks for the concern and warm thoughts. Having a sick kid is never fun, but her smiles are back. yeah!


Kimmy said...

Aaron and I just had a conversation last night about shows we're getting sick of and ready to be done with. We've ousted Survivor (and will oust American Idol) as well. However, I still think I'll have to give SYTYCD another season.

Thanks for the song suggestions! You know I count on that to keep me "hip"!

Krystin said...

I cannot believe how young the guys look on million dollar listing. Especially the one that always is fiddling with his emo hair.

Emily Katlyn West said...

First off i can't believe I don't have that Michael buble song, that sounds amazing! and second this blog made me really wish I had nothing to do so i can sit and watch all of these awesome shows we have on our DVR!

Earl Family said...

I am so Happy Q is feeling better! I am so sorry you had to go through that.

dirty>south said...

I've decided I can only watch a season, maybe 2, of any of those performing shows, and it's the judges that ruin them. You're right - too much self promoting and backpatting. And then there's always one REALLY annoying person (i.e. Mary, Paula, that gay dude on Dancing with the Stars).