Monday, October 26, 2009

a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view...

Well folks, my first "soup sunday" was a major success as Emily and I enjoyed some delicious bowls of White Chicken Chili (a recipe given by my sister Kimmy). Mmmmmmmm amazing.

I am kind of excited for this colder weather, cause it gives me a great excuse to lounge around in a sweater, eating delicious soup, and sipping on mint hot chocolate for the good part of the day.

another success...

Chef Boyardee Micro Mini Ravioli's!

Q is a big fan.

They are the perfect size for her to pick up herself, and right now that is her ONLY requirement for food. If she can pick it up, she will definitely try it...if you try feeding her, you will be met with the clinch jaws of death.

I thought the bib was funny with this picture, cause there is no way I would kiss her with this messy mouth..let alone pay for it.

on a completely other subject. One of the things I love most about living in my mom's old house is seeing Q experience all the things that my nieces and nephews have done. Like Elsie, she loves playing in the curtains by the window-Like Carson did with my mom, she stands right by me as I make toast (another new love of hers)- and like every child

she has discovered the Kitchen drawers and will pull everything out and play with it.

perfectly content.


lindsay>boo said...

Nothing is better than soup in the winter. Love the pictures of Q---many a child have played in those drawers.

I agree with the TV shows thing--I am loving Glee, HIMYM, the office right now.

I also agree with SYTYCD--I'm like 3 episodes behind. I'm just not as into it as I once was.

Kimmy said...

Ever since I sent you that recipe I've been craving it. I think I'll make it tomorrow night when we have the missionaries over for dinner.

I love the pictures of Elsie and, then, Qiana playing in the drawer. How fun!!

Tom Earl said...

The perfect update! Love it!