Tuesday, October 6, 2009

cel-e-brate good times, c'mon! let's celebrate

This past weekend Q got her little 1st birthday party. Now if it was up to me I would have had some big carnival party but finances, and reason told me I should have something small and intimate.
So, I had a "Q's favorite things theme".

Q invited her friends and family over for some dinner, cupcakes, and conversation and it was super fun.

Although I didn't plan very well and had her 1 year check-up the day of her party which included 3 shots in each leg and a blood draw, so she wasn't exactly the happiest girl...until her cousins arrived..then she was so happy!

We had a dinner full of grilled chicken from KFC, creamy macaroni and cheese, and an array of vegetables including peas, corn, and green beans. Q was in heaven.

I thought for sure Q would demolish the paper wrapping her presents, since she loves to tear up any magazines, bags, or paper found around the house...but she was so timid and wouldn't do it herself.

Luckily she had Carson and Kaiya right there to help open and set up her gifts.

She got lots of cute things including toys, a picture frame, money, some movies

and a cute outfit, complete with hot pink leggings

Her friend Clinton had dropped off her present earlier in the week (he thought a grown man at a little girl's birthday party might seem a little...pervy :) )....but she loved the present and is getting a band together soon. How bout it Daishan?

I had spent a majority of the day making some sesame street cupcakes for her birthday, and although they didn't turn out half as cute as the example I was copying, I think (for my first time) they turned out okay.

At least Carson and Kaiya were super fans!

It was interesting watching Q explore the cupcake since she hasn't been a big fan of sweet things, so I didn't know how she would do with the cake.

She started off slow...nibbling the frosting, and causing what looked like a definite "hitler style mustache" on her upper lip.

Then she discovered the cupcake itself...

and begin to totally destroy it!

I have mention before my issues with food cleanliness, so you can imagine my disgust at this little mess

...but I let her have her day and just cleaned the dishes instead.
When she was finished it was off to the bath!

Happy Birthday Q.


Kimmy said...

I loved celebrating with Q!

lindsay>boo said...

Cute pictures! I'm glad we could come for her birthday. THose cupcakes turned out fantastic!

Alyson said...

Fun Birthday. And the cutest cupcakes ever. Where did you get that idea? If you say you came up with it all on your own, I will kill you...

A Bug's Life said...

uuhhh...I'm pretty sure those cupcakes were rockin! And Street Rockers, here we come--I know a good band leader! I can't wait till Landon's bday! dai

Emily said...

Um excuse me. . . . you better add me to the list of super fans of the cupcakes. . . .those things were amazing. . . good work Mom!

Colleen said...

What a great first birthday! Those cupcakes are pretty fab, to be honest. I've had eight years and four kids to try making cool cakes on and mine are never as good as that! Q must have felt like the queen she is! Happy first birthday, amazing that it's been a year already!

Brittany said...

she could not be any more beautiful, mommy!! how fun...