Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And now we murderers, cause we kill time...

President's day weekend, Q and I had ourselves a little excursion to Idaho to see Kimmy. Like always, it was super relaxing and just fun. We never do much, but we had a couple trips to Target, walked around the mall, had some delicious food, got a little creative in the kitchen, let the kids run around and play, and watched the olympics. A really nice weekend.

Q loves her cousins. Just loves them. And I love watching her interact with them. She's still has no concept of "sharing" or being "soft", and often makes terrible messes when she plays. But she always like to be in on the action, and just wants to do everything her cousins are doing.

Under this heap of little girls is Aaron...poor guy just got tackled.

Q loves with her head...literally. She often rubs her head into your face, neck, body to snuggle and show she loves you...sometimes this "rubbing" turns ugly and she decides that bashing her head into yours will show you even more love...again, she doesn't understand "soft" quite yet...
This time Kim was the victim of Q's "tough love".

It started out nice enough...but then Q wanted to show her some love back.

and headbutted her right in the eye. hahahha

But apparently Q isn't the only one into some "tough love"

(sidenote: Elsie wasn't really strangling her...her light hand placement and Q's crazy face are actually unrelated..but what a great picture anyway)

Elsie loves her Aunt Ang...but having a Disney App on your phone that has the "princess and the frog" movie trailer, a favorite movie of Elsie's, that you can watch over...and over...totally helps!

For Valentine's day, Kim and I decided to get a little daring and see if we could make our own fondant and make a cake. We had a good recipe for a marshmallow fondant that actually doesn't taste half bad, and I think it turned out pretty cute. It's no "Cake Boss" cake, but it actually wasn't as hard as we thought it would be...we were proud.

Just a great weekend.


Kimmy said...

GOOD TIMES!! (Thanks for cropping my face out of our cake picture! I really need to not take pictures when I'm not wearing make-up.)

Piper said...

Ok, where to begin!?
LOVE the cake, I would never dare!
LOVEEEEE the strangle pic!
And, I lived my life as the favorite Aunt for many years before being a Mommy. Fave Aunt is a wonderful place to be. I still do things to keep my place!
Also... LOVE that you can see Q's eyelashes from a mile away!
There is nothing like a sister! Glad you guys stay close.

lysh said...

I think she learned the tough love from you. Do bear hugs ring a bell to you? Come on, you practice the head butts with her at night!