Thursday, March 4, 2010

Give me one moment in time...

Just some random photos of my girl.
this is my crazy 18 month old...with all her attitude. Although she doesn't listen when I say no...she loves to dish out the no's herself.

I've mentionned Clinton before....but Q just loves this kid.
well maybe she loves his hat the most....she plays with it all the time. she just gets up and down from his lap, taking his hand...putting it on her head, then back onto his, then back onto hers. And Clinton is such a good sport about it. He is so good with her.

Here is my paparazzi shot of Q...she seriously loves his hats

and here she a now rare state...calm...

As far as life in my world. It's pretty much the same.
I work, at a job that I love, but wish there was slightly less drama.
I play, with Q and my friends when both I and they have the time
I snuggle, on the couch alone, watching shows...and thinking.
I parent, a silly, naughty, outgoing, lovable girl...and hope that I don't mess her up to badly.


Kimmy said...

Much like you don't believe Pam actually exists...this is the first real proof I've seen that Clinton is real. Someday we'll have to have a party!

Q is cute as can be!!! She can totally rock the hat.

Clintniferous said...

I can't believe you let your daughter play with a guy with a creepy beard. He probably drives a van and hands out candy at the park.