Tuesday, March 16, 2010

But now we're wide awake... We've got some plans to make...Let's take some action, baby

Michelle's birthday was in February, but we celebrated her girls weekend away this past weekend....and it was super fabulous. We, meaning Michelle, Aubrey, and I, headed over to Seattle Friday night stocked with tunes, conversation topics, and tasty roadtrip treats. We checked into our hotel then went out for a bite to eat. We decided to check out the Earl's restaurant next to Bellevue Square. Oh it was delicious. After dinner we hit up a movie in a sweet theater. I love big city theaters. They are so big, so nice, and have the comfiest chairs. Plus they also have some sweet advertisements that you can take some cool pictures with...and you know I'm a sucker for some sweet photo ops!

Of course since it was a girl's weekend, we had to hit up a sweet chick flick...Brooklyn's Finest...yeah, okay, not exactly a chick flick, and it was so intense I spent most of the movie peeking out from my fingers...but it was good. Intense and crazy, but good. The movie didn't even start until 10:10pm so it was a late night/early morning by the time we got to the hotel and laid in bed. But that didn't stop us from giggling and talking like a bunch of teenagers for a little while.
Saturday morning we got up, hit up some breakfast at Jack in the Box and then went to our scheduled appointment...at a spa! oh my goodness it was fabulous. Aubrey spent some quality time at Old navy, while me and Michelle had a Choco-Latte experience, including foot soak, 55 minute massage, body scrub, swiss shower, and pedicure...all fantastic!!
We got ready at the spa and headin out to do some shopping. We hit up IKEA where we browsed through the showrooms, and got a bite to eat at the cafe...yummmm..meatballs. Then headed over to Macy's (Michelle needed a suit for work). I also tried to searching for a perfume.....which was a very difficult task. I used to love many different scents, but during pregnancy and even currently there are few scents that I can actually stand...most make my eyes water or make me nauseous. So I went through many different scents at the Macy's counter and left with nothing, except a huge headache and a tinge of nausea.
After shopping, we went to the Cheesecake Factory, had some delicious meals, then headed in to Seattle to the 5th avenue theater to see "Legally Blonde: the musical".
OH MY GOSH you guys, it was freakin awesome. I have seen many musicals and this is now in my top 5. So very enjoyable, and the actors were all amazing and had such fabulous voices.
And then after that fabulous day we headed home. It was a long day, and an even longer drive home, but we stayed awake having a sing-along to disney songs and it made us stay awake and get home safely.

Such a great weekend. I missed my Q and was so excited to see her that I woke up early in the morning, and sat on my bed waiting to get the "she's up" text message from Vikki, that signaled it was time to go and get her. She was happy to see me, which I love, my I loved hearing about what a great girl she was all weekend even more.


Kimmy said...

What a fun weekend! There is not one part of it that didn't sound wonderful.

Colleen said...

You always have the BEST girls' weekends! I love living it through your descriptions!

Mike and Aubrey Asay said...

That weekend was in my top 5! So fun! Thanks for letting me be a part of it! Loved the friends, loved the food, LOVED the musical, loved the ride home jamming out to Disney Classics!