Monday, March 29, 2010

The only one for me is you, and you for me...So happy together

Jared and Lindsay came up this weekend. Carson was participating in a state competition in Wenatchee on Saturday, and staying in Moses Lake put them a little closer and less of a drive saturday morning. We had a lot of fun, and the kids had such a great time together.
Saturday Emily, Q and I headed to Wenatchee to do some shopping and watch Carson compete. Our first stop was at Joann's, where we didn't find what I needed, but instead pick up a discounted Easter chocolate candy making kit and $1 tiara. Q was obsessed with both the whole day. When I put her in her seat she would bow her head for me to put her tiara on and then ask for her "box", which she held the whole time in the car.
She would constantly take the tiara off and on, although she couldn't quite put it on correctly, and instead made it look like a visor instead, even a little gangsta with it tilted slightly to the side.
Sunday we hit up church, and then spent the day eating, playing, watching tv, and just being together.

At one point Jared decided to pick up the ole "axe" and play some diddy's for the girls....
Jared can be embarrassing, but he is almost always entertaining.


Kimmy said...

I love seeing pictures of the cousins together. So cute!

I'm still waiting for Jared to make it big someday. Maybe the next "Wiggle"!

lindsay>boo said...

I'm still waiting too, Kim. I'm hoping that all these years of Jared being dorky will pay off financially. :)

It was a fun weekend. Thanks for letting us stay over!

Colleen said...

Qiana is so sweet! The tiara is perfect for her!

Emily Katlyn West said...

Hey Jared!

When does your album drop?

dirty>south said...

what the F didn't even know this was up there. oh yeah the album drops next summer. collaborating with timberlake and bieber. should be HIZZZZUGE.