Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yeah, think (think, think), let your mind go, let yourself be free

My thoughts on last night's American idol and my prediction for the winner.

1. I'm not even going to talk about how RIDICULOUS the whole "boxing" analogy, along with film footage, boxing robes, and commentary was.....I had to fast forward through it.

2. I just wanted to make fun of Randy Jackson publicly when he said this was the "duel of 2007!" thought Paula was the crazy one?

3. Song choices
--why did Clive Davis have David A. sing "Don't let the sun go down on me"? It's a great song, but Clay Aiken kind of already did it...was there no other "hits" Clive could come up with...really?...aren't you supposed to be the mega-producer with the golden ear?
--why did David Cook choose to sing a brand new song instead of one of his hits? Again, don't get me wrong I love that Collective Soul song and he did a great job but I would have loved to hear him to "hello" again

4. I kind of liked the new songs, yes they were a little cheesy, but I especially like the "in this moment" one that David A. sang...I totally pictured myself singing that one in the myself of course.

5. And now for my winner prediction......
This has been an amazing season of American Idol. I have thoroughly enjoyed the addition of musical instruments, and have marveled at the talent that the contestants have possessed.

From the beginning I have been a big fan of little David A.

I remember watching him on Star Search and thought he was just destined for stardom even at that age. My heart tugs for little Archuleta sometimes, cause I just see him on the verge of nervous breakdown after every performance...and I blame his dad. I can't imagine the intense amount of pressure that kid is under to succeed. I think he has amazing talent, but lacks personality and charisma...something I think that can be fixed if he loses the overbearing stage-dad and loosens up a little. He has a smile that just lights up the stage, and with that golden voice he can really make it big. Plus David A. would be so huge with the Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, High School Musical crowd and would probably get mobbed in a mall somewhere by thousands of screaming girls....and of course sell tons of records.

I was not a clear fan of David Cook until he turned one of my favorite pop songs, "hello" by lionel richie, into an amazing rock ballad.

After that moment I was hooked. I think he has an amazing ear, amazing voice range, and a stage presence that completely rocks my world. I think his older age and maturity give him a slight edge over little David in regards to personality and star quality and his music style is "so hot right now". My concern for David lies not in his talent or star potential but in the fact that i am afraid if he wins his creativity might be stifled a bit by the big-wigs in corporate. It would be awesome to see a rocker win american idol, especially after the disaster of season 5 when Chris Daughtry was voted out and the insufferable and obnoxious Taylor Hicks ended up winning, but I would be afraid that David wouldn't be able to make the kind of record he wants to make and would thus suffer in record sales, and eventually fall under the "where are they now" rock.

Unlike the judges I did not think there was a "knockout" (oh gag with the sports analogy) or clear winner. I think they both gave it their all and both deserve the title. But nonetheless here is my bold prediction...

David Archuleta will win American Idol.

His teen idol status will be cemented.


Brianne said...

I feel torn on who I want to win. I love them both! But, I think I want David Cook just because I think he's the most well-rounded. He really knows how to change things up and hopefully the big wigs would let him.

As for David Archuleta, I'm just a little bit worried that he'll become big at such a young age and then fizzle out real quick. I also think his Dad is a little too involved and American Idol has even banned him backstage!! A couple more years and he'll be free from his Dad and would be able to handle the pressures and little more.

That's my take...but I love them both and think either one is amazing. I have loved this season so much more than seasons past!!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you on every point you made, and I would have most likely said the same thing myself had I chose to blog about that very same topic. I really want David to win because I like him the best, mainly because I don't feel like a pedafile, but David seems to kind of want this more. . . .the whole thing makes my stomache hurt!!! We will see!!! Nice post though!

This is Emily by the way, this comment thing is being gay!!!!!!

Alyson said...

This is Alyson Woodruff. I found your blog on Sarena's and wanted to say hi! I am an American Idol Addict and am watching as we speak. What was with the guru? Anyways, wanted to say Congrats on the baby! A little girl. So much fun and so exciting. Good to see ya and hope you don't mind I am blog-stalking you.

melanie said...

The boxing was painful, I was so nervous every time David A stopped singing I felt like I would cry too, dumb song chosen by the golden ear, dumb choice by David C (though I liked it too) and duel of 2007, what? Maybe I should have just said I agree with every bit of your post! Love the post, thanks! :)

I can't wait for tonight.

krystind said...

But down here in utah it was kind of ridiculous how EVERYONE was obsessed with david archuletta..

On the news lastnight after the announcement of the winner, they showed all these girls crying at the Energy Solutions Arena where they had this big broadcast..

Piper said...

I seriously thought David A. was going to pass out Tues. night, didn't you?
I was surprised, but still happy. I thought they were both great, but very different singers. I am excited to see what they both come up with in the way of an album!