Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We are a family like a giant tree branching out towards the sky...

Well what a weekend....good times...and bad...but overall an enjoyable time with the family. Jared and his crew came up for the weekend, which was awesome. It's so fun having the family so close...well except for mitch, but he promises me that someday he will be closer. We spent our time doing some jobs around the house for my mom, eating delicious foods (thanks lindsay for the yummy salads), hittin up spring fest for the kiddies, playing games, and visiting my mom in the hospital (which is a whole story in itself).

Here are some pictures from the weekend....

kaiya and elsie ate some goldfish crackers and watched the big kids put together the world's most frustrating table.

kimmie and jared trying to get the bolts and screws to fit properly.

aaron being the "gardener"

aaron had turned on the sprinklers for the lawn, which gave kaiya something to play in to keep cool

elsie is so self entertaining...she was sittin on this blanket just watching everything going on

but then mommy came and had some cuddle time (this wasn't posed...i just captured a moment)

carson decided to stay cool and play inside.

saturday we decided to hit up spring fest...man it was hot! but the sno cones we got before we went home, was well worth it.

kaiya used her tickets on a game where we won a pink snake....but for some reason she still wasn't that happy...i wish you could see the single tear coming down her cheek.

carson was so proud that he was a big enough kid to go on the rides by himself....first stop..the bumber cars...

the gang stood in the heat as carson did some amazing driving...

it took awhile for him to figure it all out, but once he got the hang of it he was able to bump a few cars out of his way and he was happy.

then jared and carson went on "the scrambler". jared said it was the worst ever, but he obviously did not see the humor of a grown man and little boy being tossed back and forth.

this kid thought i was taking pictures of him, and everytime he came towards me he would pose. I finally took a picture of him while he blew me a kiss

aaron decided to use the tickets that he bought for elsie (she was too small to ride anything) on a little basketball game....with one hand he made a basket and got this purple bouncy ball for elsie....nice job!

sunday evening we hung out, played some ticket to ride, watched tv, and hung some stuff for my mom.

doing a simple chore like hanging a picture frame with jared can take....for....ever...i now realize why he and lindsay have blank walls....he is wayyyyyy difficult. but it turned out nice.

elsie decided she wanted to help.

after out hard work we decided to treat ourselves to some strawberry shortcake! delicious.

elsie needed to relax a little after all her hard work

then she cracked herself up...

monday was a beautiful day so we got out the crochet set and bocce balls and headed over to grandma's yard for some outdoor time.

elsie loves the outdoors and loves watching the trees

aaron and jared doing a little bocce action

chloe is such an adorable little baby....just look at her.

she has now found her tongue and it is possibly the cutest thing to watch her stick it out

kimmie and elsie were extremely content sitting on the grass in the sun playing with the bubbles...although elsie just liked putting the stick in and out of the bottle.

i entertained myself and kaiya by doing a little sidewalk chalk. she would basically tell me what she wanted me to draw and I would try. My repertoire included flowers, trees, vines, fireworks, and butterflies.

here's the girls and kids chillin on the blanket with bubbles and snacks watching the guys play bocce ball.

it was a great weekend.


krystind said...

man i wish spring fest kids would blow me kisses. JEALOUS.

Brianne said...

What a fun weekend with family. But, is your Mom okay?

This is the first year in a long time that we haven't been to Spring Fest. Instead we went to Pullman to hang out with Shaila and Matt and had a blast.

Oh, and I love the green walls in your Mom's kitchen!!!

Jill said...

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! It rained and rained her so I am jealous of all the outdoor time. Love all the pics Ang!

Colleen said...

I do have to say that your family is awesome and you guys know how to have fun together! I love your Idol posts too. Very insightful and expressing my exact concerns. I hope Cook can overcome the Idol confines and let his talent go for his first album. I know Archuleta will do just fine, but he could really have benifitted from the Idol start. We will see what is to come.

Kimmy said...

Thanks for taking all those pictures! You got some good ones.

I think Aaron makes a pretty hot gardener! Oh, thanks for not posting the pic of my butt!

mumovearls said...

I'm sad we didn't know you all were in town we would have headed over... so sad to miss on spring fest it's just not Ryan's circle! Oh well!

lindsay>boo said...

Fun weekend! You got some great pics.

melanie said...

Seriously, I could squeeze any one of those girls! They are so cute. The one with Chloe sticking out her tongue is adorable! Fun family times for sure!

Nina said...

Looks like you have a wonderful family...you are very blessed.