Wednesday, December 3, 2008

you are the sunshine of my life..

My baby is two months old. so so crazy.

Things I love about her:

She loves music. Whether its chillin in her seat listening to hip hop as I get ready in the morning or layin down listening to love songs as we nap in the afternoon...she loves her jams. I swear she already has rhythm and swear she was kicking her legs to the beat of Pinks "so what" this morning. some of you nay-sayers may say it was a coincidence, but I say she is a natural.

She is the most content little thing. I am pretty sure she may be like I was and Be a really a good baby until about 18 months, and then go crazy from there...but I won't mind. Right now she is a dream. We took our first plane ride and she basically slept or laid quietly in my arms the whole time. I got alot of compliments on her behavior...but at this point I really can't take credit for anything..."she was born that way" is all i say.

She is loved by her family and she loves them. Elsie couldn't get enough of "baby", Kaiya was my little helper and an amazing older cousin and caretaker, and Qiana loved all the love.

She smiles and I get giddy.

She is really starting to hold her head up pretty good. The rest of her is still a little topsy-turvy, but she moves her little head around like crazy.

She is sleeping for longer periods at night. if you consider 4 hours a longer period...and i do. She usually has one long period (like 4 hours) followed by 2 hour periods of sleep until she is up for a big chunk in the morning. It may not sound like a big deal, but I am counting it a blessing.


Colleen said...

As I say every time, and I am sure I will say again, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! What a lucky mommy you are! And 4 hours is totally a long period.

dirty>south said...

is myhre your little helper too? oh wait, she's sleeping.


mumovearls said...

she is so cute!-Nena

Kimmy said...

I still can't believe she is already 2 months old. She's such a sweet baby...we just love her!!