Thursday, July 1, 2010

Now, if you starve to death, you'll just have yourself to blame. So eat it, just eat it

New York Part 3: The food

(this was a crazy japanese ice cream pouch that Mitch had in his freezer...yeah....many jokes can be made about this...)

The days may have been spent touring the city, exploring the sites, but the evenings, the evenings were spent with family eating some of the most delicious food I have ever eaten. We had italian, seafood, korean, classic deli, baked goods, chinese, and new American.
Our first day there, at Nick's request, we stopped in for lunch at famous Katz Deli.  It is only two clocks from my brother's apartment.  We had some delicious (and huge) pastrami sandwiches, classic new york hot dog, and matzu ball soup. Of course I forgot to take a picture of the delicious food...but we did get a pop can shot.
On one of our days, Nick was off with his brother and Mitch was working so it was Rachel and I having a girls day shopping in Chinatown and walking through Little Italy.  We stopped at this little Italian place and partook of their delicious homemade gelato

It was while we were enjoying this delicious italian treat that I became inspired for our next days activities.
How far away was Hoboken...and what was the possibility of hoping a train to see the Cake Boss???
I looked it up on Google Maps, and it was only 30 minutes away, by subway and PATH train, and we made it a plan.

Anyone else watch my favorite pastry guy Buddy Velastro aka "the Cake Boss" on TLC??  This guy is amazing!! We stood in line, got into the bakery and had to order us up some delicious pastries.  While in the shop I saw Buddy's mom, one of his brother-in-laws, one of his sisters, and a split second of Buddy himself!!

Just in case you were wondering....the cannolli's are freakin' delicious.

On the way back to the train station, I had to get a picture of the alley way behind the bakery. For those who watch the show, know that this is where they load the vans and play pranks on each other.

And of course no trip to the big city is complete, without Chinese Take-out delivered TO YOU, late at night. Again, we just got a multitude of items and just passed the boxes around...just heaven

Out of all the things I did in New York, by far my most favorite was eating with my brother Mitch.
He is a true foodie. When we go to a restaurant, he usually picks a bunch of different items, so that everyone at the table can try everything and decide what they like and not like.  there wasn't a place that we went that we didn't have at least ten different plates of food on the table, with forks, fingers, and chopsticks criss-crossing each other, trying to gorge ourselves on everything in front of us.
Although I didn't eat at Mitch's restaurant (he had gotten time off to hang out with me, and I thought spending time with him was more important that eating at his restaurant while he wasn't working) we did get to eat at two of the other Momofuko restaurants. The Noodle Bar and Ssam Bar.
but first a picture of Mitch in front of his workplace. Don't you love how it looks closed, and there is no sign just a simple peach logo, designating it as a Momofuko swanky does that feel? so VIP

p.s. I was totally pulling a mom embarrassing move by making mitch pose in front of his restaurant, but I was happy that he did it for me.

Anyway...back to the food. I tried so many new things.

 I told myself that I would try at least one bite of everything that was put in front of me (unless of course Mitch deemed it too spicy for me...yes, I am a wimp). I tried a bite of these green beans with horseradish and although the beans were was too hot for me.

(this picture was taken from the Momofuko cook book)
 I even tried Fois Grois..which look likes Spam, but has the consistency of a stick of butter...yeah it was about as good as it sounds...which is not really. but I tried it.
We also ate the sex gland of a sex urchin (the culinary name I am forgetting)...and it was actually very tasty...just in case you ever get the chance to try it.
We had some amazing fish dishes, including this little number.

yep...that's teeth...crazy right?
But not as crazy as Rachel eating one of the eyeballs!!

But the #1 best thing we ate...and the thing that Momofuko is known for...was the Pork Buns.

I can't even explain to you the party in my mouth that occurred when these babies hit my lips.  the most deliciously soft asian bread, filled with deliciously prepared pork coupled with cucumbers, scallions, and a sweet asian sauce....oh my goodness.
It literally melts away in your mouth.
I still dream about these. 


Kimmy said...

A-MAZING! And you went to Carlo's Bakery. That is awesome. I don't think I could be so daring with the food. In fact, I look back on our little trip to NY and that Chinese restaurant we ate at and get a little stressed just thinking about it. Texture issues!

Anonymous said...

I always think I am a foodie (I think Top Chef does that to me) but then when I read things like this, or see pictures of food...I don't think I could do it! So funny, but I'm sure you did eat some yumminess in there with all that other stuff. How fun. Daishan

Samantha said...

Oh ang- looks like such a fun trip. It makes me miss Mitch! One of the highlights of both of my new york trips was visiting with Mitch there. Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip.

Alyson said...

Okay, you are way more brave than I am. I threw up a little bit in my mouth just reading this! But it totally sounds like fun, trying all of that stuff that you probably don't get too often in Moses Lake! I am doing a girls' trip to NY in a month. Any must-see suggestions?