Saturday, July 10, 2010

Do you know...where you're going to?

New York Trip Post #4: Yes, I am a tourist.

I love taking pictures, I love doing funny poses. Using props. and documenting trips in silly photos. I also have no reservations about taking typical "tourists" shots in order to fully document a trip.  The following is a photo essay of my trip to New York...using silly photos, props, and typical tourist shots.
"I'm on a boat"

Lady liberty


Just a small town girl...

So......come here often?

Trying to find my light...

Tryin to sneak past the guards like Buddy

Where's Angie?

Rollin with the homies

The Empire

Always lookin fly...

Looks like A has been spotted back in town....better watch out S
XOXO Gossip Girl

Typical New York shot

Apparently Liz lemon doesn't actually work here...NBC, bunch of liars

tryin to blend in with the locals

I'm quite a catch!

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Kimmy said...

I love your tourist pictures! I love that you will take a picture anywhere doing just about anything. It always makes people smile.