Thursday, July 15, 2010

Someday, everything is gonna be smooth like a rhapsody...when I paint my masterpiece

Final New York Post: The Arts

One of the greatest things about a big city, especially a city like New the Arts. 
The museums, the culture, a city full of artistic beauty. 
I have now been to the Met, the MoMa, and the Natural History Musuem and I can totally understand how people visit these all the time. They are filled with such amazing art, such history, such beauty.
I love seeing the art. 

the beauty....

The beauty of architecture. 
This building is just awe inspiring

the beauty of design
Grand Central Station 

beauty of "art" that I don't really understand
This was one of many "jumper" statues that had been placed all over buildings in downtown Manhattan as part of an art experience. Seeing one was kind of cool....seeing many just became kind of creepy

Even the beauty of performance art...
This little "statues" were just kind of weird and I didn't want to get to close. But hey, I guess people like it. 

The beauty of urban art
We saw some incredible graffiti, and I just think it is so fascinating and a skill I wouldn't mind knowing how to do. 

Recognizing the beauty of abstract "modern" art

This was an abstract "audio" piece at the Museum of Modern Art. 
Before you even entered through the doors into the room you could hear a bunch of loud voices...then you get  into the room and this is what you hear.
A bunch of white speakers were hanging from the ceiling, with a multitude of voices calling out the days of the week. 
You felt like you were in some sort of creepy movie

Seeing and appreciating the history of art

Even New York Subways have an artistic flair.
The subways are dirty, muggy, and rat filled...and yet some of the walls are decorated in the gorgeous mosaic style art designating the name of the stop. 

And lastly, seeing the beauty in paintings that you had only read about. 
Enjoying a Jackson Pollack painting that covers a whole wall...or an amazing painting by my new favorite painter Kandinsky.  

I couldn't get enough.

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Kimmy said...

Next time I've got to hit some of the museums. But, like you said, there's just so much to see even just walking around the city. So fascinating!