Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Don't go chasin waterfalls...just stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to.

Q loves herself some water.

I set up a little sprinkler out in the yard, and she has enjoyed playing in that in the evenings. I really need to scan some pictures I have of myself as a child, cause some of the faces she makes looks exactly like me...it's crazy.
The other day, we went out to the South End and hung out with Uncle Tom, Gail, Alysha, Myca and her boys. The Muirheads were in town for a couple of days and they wanted to get some water time in. Q became instantly fascinated with the jet ski, and didn't ever want to get off. Uncle Tom was nice enough to float it around the shallow end for a couple minutes, and she was in heaven!

On another note.
I was making Q's 12-18 month old book the other day, and noticed that I only had 2 pictures of Emily with Q. Emily was NOT okay with this.  
Therefore, OPERATION PICTURES has been in effect. 

So there is proof that Emily is still around...and Q loves her still!!


Kimmy said...

Water time is the best! That's why I love summer so much.

How fun to hang out with Tom's group and the Muirheads. Just like the good ol' days.

Glad Em is still around. We all love her.

Emily Katlyn West said...

Oh um.... I think I may love you all more, but you know I guess it's not a competition!

I will be picture bombing every possible photo op from here on out! :)

Stephanie Kay Moore said...

I can't wait until Mason can enjoy the sprinklers! Q is growing up so fast!