Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Believe when I say... I want it that way

Was there a Backstreet Boys concert in Wenatchee.....Yes
Did my friends and I get tickets....Heck Yes!!

On the floor. 5th row back. Freakin awesome!!

With all the other styles of music that I like, Boy bands are definitely one guilty pleasure of mine. I love them. I have been to tons of backstreet boys and n'sync concerts. They are always sooooooooo fun.

You would think that the crowd would be full of screaming teenagers...but you would be wrong. The crowd was so diverse. From middle aged women, to teens, to high schoolers on dates, and the late 20's-early 30's group (the original fans!).

Before the concert, Michelle, Emily, and I went to this Mongolian Grill Place, that was freakin delicious.

 We killed some time, after eating, by taking some funny pictures.

 The people in the table next to us asked us if we wanted them to take our picture for us, but they didn't understand that we were just playing around, and we just love being goofy.

The concert really was amazing. they sounded awesome. the music made me smile. and I wasn't sitting by annoying girls that I wanted to hit...perfect.

They sang a bunch of songs from all their albums...each was totally linked to a memory for me. 
(this one's for Aaron...hahahah)

(I remember when this video premiered on MTV)

(beauty school..erin simpkins and I were obsessed with this song)

(why i love them...such guilty pleasure jams)

They sang songs off their new album....yes, they have a new album...and it is good.  Two of my favorite songs: "Straight Through my heart" and "She's a dream"...you should check them out.

They had this cool DJ that was doing all their music for them.


Earl Family said...

That is just so awesome.

I'll never, ever forget my first concert: New Kids On The Block.


lindsay>boo said...

I'm so jealous you saw them! How awesome is that. I love me some boy bands!

Colleen said...

Oh my gosh, how FUN! It always looks like you and your friends have such an awesome time together.