Friday, August 13, 2010

What's been going on..around here...

Life in our world has been quiet, but nice.  It's been our normal schedule and normal activities.... Work, hang out, laundry, clean up, eat, etc...

We've spent the warm weekends in the water. 
I'mm so sad that summer will be ending soon. Q has really enjoyed playing outside, and especially in the pool. She's really gonna miss it. 

Qiana is at such a fun stage. She is getting such a funny personality, and has some funny little quirks.  She is really starting to be a little chatterbox, although I only understand about 20% of what she says.  But she is definitely a talker!!  
She is becoming slightly more independent, and willing (and able) to play on her own.  It's fun to just sit and watch from a distance this little world that she is creating on her own.  
One night last week, Em and I were hanging out on the couch, and we noticed that Q was gathering all her babies and stuffed animals and laying them on the floor.  She then went over to the corner and gathered all the blankets we have and laid them on her babies/animals and "put them to bed".  She would lay the blanket on the baby (pretty much smothering the baby), kiss their head, and say "night night"...oh it was just so cute.
The best part was watching Q come over to the couch, and snatch Emily's blanket right off of her to use in her toy/blanket pile.  It was so hilarious. 
Here's her little pile of sleeping babies.

Last night we went to Brandon's open house, and it was fabulous!  It was so fun to see family and friends, and watch Q play her cousins and extended family.  She was in heaven.  She spent the whole time running around,  playing on the slides, swinging, collecting rocks, and playing in the flowers. 

After the reception, Qiana went down to spend a couple days with Jared and Lindsay's group so I can go through and de-junk my house. 
Emily and I are having a garage sale at the end of the month, and I am getting rid of tons of clothes (mine and Q's). It's been quite a project to work on today, and my body is killing me...but it will be nice to get rid of so much stuff and get this place simplified!


Kimmy said...

I forgot you were doing that this weekend. It sounds kind of fun to me...I know I'm a little weird. It will feel so good when it's all done!

Colleen said...

This is SUCH a fun age! I love the putting the babies to bed story. Awesome.

Kacey Nielsen said...

That is so funny, love that she swiped Emily's blanket. Baby dolls get really cold I guess!

Q has some of the cutest clothes on the planet, I wish I could come to your garage sale!

lysh said...

I love your pics from Utah. I'm so jealous of all "our" people you got to see. Man I get sad that we all don't live closer. My dad told me he caught up with you guys at the reception...another thing I wish I could have been to.