Monday, August 30, 2010

Friends forever (We'll be friends)... Always will be friends (Always will be friends)

*extra cool points if you can tell me where the lyrics for my title came from?

I am so happy I have such good friends around. Friends that love Q. Friends that Q loves.

Like Robert, who lets Qiana just attack him with face grabs, headbutts, and hair pulls and just laughs.

And Emily who is the "fun one", who lets Q get away with everything and will snuggle anytime Q wants

Or parents of my friends, like Papa Grout, that treat Qiana like a grandparent would

But of course, Sometimes, all we need is each other. 


Colleen said...

Oh my goodness, Angie! This post is killing me with sweetness. I LOVE it! What a blessing friends are, and what a HUGE blessing sweet Qiana is!

Earl Family said...

Awww....That is sweet.

Kimmy said...

We love Q (and you too)!

ashleyboice said...

Hello saved by the bell and the "zach attack". Love that that episode even more.