Friday, August 6, 2010

I love it when we're cruisin' together....

Q and I got away for a couple of days, and made a trip down to Utah.

After a day of work, I packed up the car, got Q settled in her seat with some snacks and some movies and hit the road.

 On the way down we stopped over for the night at Kim and Aaron's, and Q was excited to spend some time with Elsie...and I was happy to relax and rest a little. Making that drive, isn't hard, but it sure does get boring!!  Luckily, Q is pretty good in the car and I only had to stop for gas and to walk around a little bit and pick up food. Q was super funny in the car, and enjoyed playing hide and seek under the blanket...or just putting the blanket over her head and falling asleep.

While in Utah, Qiana and I stayed at my friend Tamu's house, and had to sooooo much fun with her family.

Her kids just played and entertained Q every day, and Q just couldn't get enough of them. It was a great visit, cause I had no real plans except to hang out. perfect.  We hit up the farmers market, played outside, watched tv, and talked-talked-talked. I love them so much.

I went over to Cali's house one night for some games....which was super fun! Ashley made this tortilla soup which was DELICIOUS...and Shane brought prizes for the can't beat that!
We played sequence, and I was paired with Shane.  I was super nervous that I was going to screw everything up, but I got a win right out of the gate, and that put me at ease.  Plus I won a cute wallet...even better.
Q holding my new wallet...

One day, q and I joined Cali and Ashley and their kids at the Lindon Aquatic Center...and it was super fun!

Q loved everything about it...including the delicious pina colada snow cone, that we shared...delicious.

One of the days, my friend Jeremiah joined Q and I at IKEA for some exploring, shopping, and I love those swedish meatballs!!  It was so much fun seeing Jeremiah, and it was a good way to spend the afternoon.

I was also able to meet up with Brittany for some delicious sushi at the Happy Sumo!!

  I had a great time just talking with her. That girl has gone through some major crap in her life, and still has the best outlook on things....if only I had 1/2 of her strength.  She then joined me at Tamu's house so she could see Q and ended up hanging out the rest of the night.

I think Tamu fell in love with her, just as everybody does.  We had a great time hangin out.

It really was a great trip.
The only down side was when I majorly strained my back somehow the day before I was set to leave. and couldn't bend over, or pick anything heavy up...a bad back is not something you want when you are solely responsible for taking care of I was planning on driving back to Moses Lake (the whole 12 hours) in one day...not awesome.
It was a difficult trip back, but we did take a little rest in Idaho and I let Q run around with Elsie while I laid down on the couch and rested my back.

I was excited to get back home...but sad for the trip to end.


ashleyboice said...

I was so glad we got to see you while you were here!

Kimmy said...

It sounds like it was the perfect little getaway...minus the hurt back. I loved seeing the pictures on facebook as you posted them. Q looked like she was in heaven!

Samantha said...

Man I wish I still lived there so I could've seen you too. My sisters told me they saw you and I was so jealous. Sounds like such a fun trip. Hope your back is feeling better.

Colleen said...

What a perfect escape with great friends and family. Quana is so photogenic! I love the pics.

lindsay>boo said...

Looks like it was a great trip!

melanie said...

I'm dying for a getaway this summer and this sounds perfect. Hope your back is feeling better. Fun to spend some time with Brittany, I too admire her strength.