Monday, October 1, 2007

I can tell u how I feel about you night and day

As i sit here working i can hear keith sweats' "nobody" quietly playing on my "slow jamz" mix on itunes, and a warmth fills my soul.

Growing up the soulful music and lyrics of marvin gaye, the temptations, al green, otis redding, stevie wonder, earth wind & fire, barry white, the four tops, smokey robinson, lionel richie, and luther vandross filled my house, my head, and my heart. Their lyrics of pain, devotion, sadness, heartbreak, and love spoke to my soul. Through the years it has been the sounds of brian mcknight, boyz II men, blackstreet, keith sweat, john legend, 112, silk, shai, tevin campbell, d'angelo, tyrese, mario, all 4 one, van hunt, eric benet, joe, urban mystic, anthony hamilton, musiq soulchild, jaheim, ne-yo, usher, jodeci, babyface, and r. kelly that have given me an outlet for the numerous pains and pleasures that come with matters of the heart, mind, body, and soul.

so here's my love letter to you r &b... my soul music:

Through the years, the ups and downs, so many genres of music have come in and out of my life, but it is you that will have my heart from the beginning to the end. You were there for me when i needed you to sooth, please, comfort, and entice me. Your soulful lyrics, soothing rhythms, and melodic voices eased my pain, swelled my heart, and warmed my soul. With such songs as, brian mcknight's "anytime", boyz II men's "on bended knee", d'angelo's "how does it feel", jaheim's "just in case", usher's "burn", joe's "i wanna know", and mario's "how do i breathe", my world is a much better place because soul music is in my life.

so as keith sweat says, "who can love you like me?...nobody..."


Brianne said...

Memories! You just had a bunch flow through me from my high school years in Spokane. I so am going to pull out my Keith Sweat CD tomorrow morning! I can't believe I've forgotten about this great song. All though I'm a rocker at heart I do love my occasional R&B.

Kimmy said...

I listened to a little Boyz 2 Men this morning thanks to this post. They make me happy!