Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So even if the laugh's on me...I don't mind at all

so we are driving around maine and carson starts talking about all the stuff he knows and repeats some fact about is the conversation that followed:

me: i knew that carson
carson: you did?
me: yeah i'm alot smarter than i look and just don't act like it
carson: why not?
me: cause i like people underestimating me
carson: well i know more than you do
me: (yes... trash-talking a 6 year old) hey buddy, i know more than you do about a lot of stuff...
carson: (interrupting) yeah...about entertainment (eye roll)


it's a sad day when you get punked by your 6 year old nephew, but in a sick way i was very very proud. good one carson!


Kimmy said...

That's what we get for having such a smart 6 year old nephew. He's the best!

Lindsay said...

Okay, I'm kinda embarrassed! It's funny, yet he sounds like a bratty know-it-all. Cute when your 6 but at like 11, that'll be plain obnoxious. I bet you wanted to thump him!

angie said...

i think people in our family need to know how to make fun of's what we do. so no need to be embarrassed...again...i was impressed.

melanie said...

I'm impressed. He's adorable and funny, it's perfect!

mumovearls said...

WHAaa that is funny! Good one Carson! I think you to are going to be great friends through out your lives! He is so Lucky to have an aunt like that!-n

Piper said...

I think being an Aunt is one of the best things in life!

Brianne said...

That's hilarious! Carson's so clever.