Friday, October 19, 2007

pictures of of me

photos from my trip.

the street entertainment alone in new york is a big reason everyone must go once in their life!

me and my bro.

cape neddick, maine. it was the last day on the trip and energy was low, so i took a picture by the first lighthouse i saw.....

elsie loved being outdoors. she was all smiles...

don't knock it til you try it.....

eating lobster in boston "bastin" (you must read it with an accent). to jared's credit i did make him put the bib on for the picture, but it was his decision to keep it on throughout the meal. embarrassing!

battle monument in vermont. i'm pretty sure in a fight i could easily take that soldier...

the oldest consistently habitated street in america. over 300 years old. cute right?

mommy and baby. cute cute cute.

yale campus. yeah pretty much the prettiest campus i've seen. although we did ask and no rory gilmore has ever been a student there nor was there a gilmore hall...the WB is such liars.

the vanderbilt mansion "the breakers"at newport rhode island. a beautiful 138,000 square ft "summer home" used two months out of the year in the early 1900's. aghhh rich people!

they say on a clear day you can see to boston from this point on a new hampshire mountain top. yeah that one mile car trek up the steep slope was so worth it.... well for comedic value alone i guess it was.

upper Massachusetts countryside on our way to vermont. picturesque.

vermont. pretty much exactly as i pictured it.

my "felicity" pose on the new york subway system

independence hall in philadelphia. perfect weather. perfect day.

the view from the top of the "rocky" stairs. yeah i kicked those stairs a**...okay they weren't that tough.

the "rocky" stairs

a view of new york city from atop the on/off bus. love that city.

rhode island. this house had amazing topiary animals...edward scissorhands style

the "edward scissorhands" animals.

the liberty bell....and so much more....don't think i didn't notice that hand elsie...nice move.

new haven, connecticut. that's long island sound in the background.

i am moving to new england and buying this house....i need it in my life.

the legendary "apollo" theater in harlem. photo taken from outside my driver seat window as i cruised through new york traffic. i pretty much need to make a tee-shirt that says "i survived new york traffic and all i got was this lousy tee-shirt". what an adrenaline rush. so exciting. lane lines mean nothing, cars stop at any time, people walk across the street at will, and cars pull into straight into your lane whether you have room or not.....i love it.

the view of maine from outside our lunchtime meal stop. eating a delicious lobster roll and looking at this view...does life get any better

the family outside a wonderful restaurant in chinatown.

a covered bridge in vermont.

the beautiful connecticut backyard of our hosts. yeah i never wanted to leave.

the view of manhattan from central park.

carson and i at the scene of the "boston tea party".

it tasted a lot better going down..... (sorry i know it's gross picture but so funny right?)


Kimmy said...

I'm so glad you took such great pictures. Thanks for being in charge of that! What a great trip. I had so much fun getting to be with you all week. Love ya!

melanie said...

Where to start? I love all your photos, I would list which ones but really it would be every one! The colors and scenery are gorgeous. Going back there some day is on my list too! I'm so glad you guys had a good time. Carson is a trooper!

Kacey Nielsen said...

what a trip! I'm so jealous. I'm glad you had such a fabulous time. And I whole-heartedly agree with your love of new york. There is a part of me that could have really been a true new yorker...

Lindsay said...

Fun pictures! Not to sound like a total pain, but I was wondering if you could send me all your pictures from the trip.

Piper said...

Oh Angie! It has been worth the wait!! You look just wonderful! Good job! And that black and white of Kim and Elsie is just perfect! Glad you all had such a great time!

dirty>south said...

"you stayin' where?!"

"there ain't no hotel there!"

holla. good times in bahstin, the brooklyn zoo, and philly.

Samantha said...

angie you pictures have really made me want to live in a small town up east. weird. it is SO beautiful and not so crazy crowded. glad you had a fun time. and glad that you thought of rory. i think i would've done the same thing.

ashleyboice said...

ohhh i love it. I just lived through you...and it was fun. You look um...amazing. ash

Tom Earl said...

You look fabuloso! What a cool trip!

MamaMandi said...

So much fun! I would love to go back and visit there again! You look AMAZING! You really look beautiful and it looks like you guys had a really fun trip. I am jealous!

Nina said...

I LOVE the New England Salt Box house!!! I tell my husband that I want to build one out here and live in it forever and fill it with all of my Shaker antiques!

calistaemig said...

Angie, I love your blog. The pictures and descriptions of your trip are priceless. I feel like I was there too. Mitch looks AWESOME...I haven't seen that boy for awhile! Love ya.

Brianne said...

Great pictures. The New York traffic sounds like the traffic all over England. Drivers there are crazy!!

You and your family look great - such gorgeous people! I can't believe how big Carson is. The last time I saw him, he was a baby.