Tuesday, September 18, 2007

these are my confessions...


1. my dream job would be: a weekly column writer for tv guide or entertainment weekly. i didn't know jobs like this existed when i was in school....i really missed the bus on that one. how cool would it be to watch tv for a living and comment about it....

2. if i could play one instrument it would be: guitar. i actually bought one thinking i could teach myself how to play, but no such luck. if i did learn i would totally form a band. if it was an all girl band i would call it "the mourning after". and a mixed gender band would be called "death as a monster". no real reason for the two different band names, i just think they are both cool.

3. if i could be any celebrity it would be: jennifer love hewitt. i think she is so cute and perky. she can sing, dance, and act. has a curvy body that she is proud of, and seems to really have things put together.

4. the one song i could go my whole life without hearing again would be: louis armstrong's "what a wonderful world". blame the lady in charge of music for my 6th grade talent show...she ruined this song for me. after hearing it over and over and over again for an entire night i just can't bring myself to enjoy it.

5. one of the best times in my life was: freshman year of college-byuh. i went all the way to hawaii not knowing a single soul and it was the most exhilarating and amazing times of my life. i felt free. i was able to figure out who i really was and be my own person and i loved it. the experiences i had, people i met, and trials i went through i wouldn't change for the world.


Brianne said...

I think you'd be a great writer for tv guide or entertainment weekly! I taught myself to play guitar on Guitar Hero. I rock the house! Okay, so I don't really know how to play the guitar but I have always wanted to learn to also.

Do you still go to the Big Bend basketball games? I know, totally random question!

Kimmy said...

1. You would rock at being an entertainment writer/reporter. I swear it's not too late!!
2. I know you could teach yourself the guitar. Aaron knows a few chords...he could show you. I wish I could sing!
3. I think Jennifer Love Hewitt is beautiful. You're right...it does seem like she's got it together.
4. There are many songs I could go without ever hearing again, but you did pick a good one. Another one that pops into my head right away is "Heaven" by Los Lonely Boys. It honestly makes me want to vomit when I hear it.
5. There is something wonderful about that first year away from home. You feel so free and grown up. (Although, I did have my big sister to come play with my hair when I was lonely and sad.)

Wow, longest comment ever. I just felt the need to write!

dirty>south said...

I heart j. love

krystind said...

i agree with the above. i HATE Heaven by los lonely boys. hate it.

melanie said...

Rexburg was no Hawaii but I can say that 1st year was the best! I learned a lot about myself and I would never, ever trade that time. I can't believe it how long ago it was!

Love this post.

Jill said...

It's so not to late to become and entertainment reported. Nate has always wanted to coach football and is just starting this year. Seize the day girl! Do something that makes you happy!