Tuesday, September 4, 2007

guess who's back...back again

it's been awhile i know...and so much has happened. so bear with me while i post a bunch of stuff to catch you up.

thursday night was an amazing stake softball game. the married men against the singles ward guys. so fun. technically it was a "rematch" that my uncle david wanted, since last week the singles ward guys beat his team...but this week was no different. i wish i could give all the credit to the amazing skills possessed by the singles ward, but i think it was my harassing and mocking skills that really put us over the winning edge. i am a world class heckler that has honed my skills for years, and since i have no athletic ability of my own i choose to mock those that do.

me and my girls sat in our camping chairs, since some genius decided to tear down the bleachers without having the funds to build more, and spent the night cheering, laughing, and mocking (we even mocked our team...i am a true believer in tough love). it was good times.

(one of my favorite people in the world... bro. lybbert)

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krystind said...

Emily with her classic "mouth open thumbs up" look for pictures.... and glade... did i tell you what he gave me for Christmas one year? it was kinda creepy.