Monday, September 10, 2007

it feels like somethings heatin' up can i leave with you...

justin! aaahhhh----

justin, with his designer suits, smooth dance moves, amazing musicality, and sexy voice made this concert one of the best that i have attended.

at no point did he let me down or fail to deliver the kind of performance i was expecting from him. His stage, set "in the round", was colorful, exciting, and visually appealing as screens ascended and descended from the rafters to show the performance along with graphics. justin worked the stage, making sure each section of the audience was entertained.

His almost 2 hour set included almost every song from both the justified and the futuresex/lovesounds albums, along with a little taste of "gone" from his nsync days. justin wowed the crowd with his ability to...

play the guitar

and piano


and show us that he's still "got it" on the the dancefloor

my concert experience:
we arrived at the tacoma dome and hour and a half early, parked the car, and headed up to the long lines that were already forming to get into the dome. as we passed by the battling radio stations we saw some hot hip-hop dancers from 92.5 entertaining the crowd. as i heard "let me clear my throat" blaring from the speakers i broke out in the "ed lover dance" and other moves. that got their attention. as i continued to walk to the door, keeping one envious eye on the dancers, i saw one adorable man start to he had my attention. i turned around, almost instinctively, and did my best krump battling back, they got a kick out of it and pointed me out to anybody around who hadn't seen me. i then turned my back to them and pulled out my special move that i learned from the krump documentary "rize"...the stripper booty shake (finally my big booty comes in handy for something). the dancers went crazy, and as i walked away i could see them cheering and giving me the "we are not worthy" arm sign. what a feeling! we were going to go inside, but we had an hour to kill and more dancers showed up so we hung out outside and watched the b-boys and b-girl dance. there were a couple really adorable guys, that i pretty much wanted to take home...

we got into the concert, went to the bathroom, and found our seats. through the opening act we didn't have many people on our bench so we had plenty of room to move around and dance. i was baffled by the amount of people who felt the need to not only arrive at the concert intoxicated, but then spend--what i can only assume--was an asinine amount of money on beer. why would you spend 60 dollars for a ticket to a concert that you most likely will not remember the next day?....such a waste.
to my surprise, good charlotte was the opening act....weird combo right? but they actually were a band i was excited to see and they put on an amazing performance.

the twins, joel(lead singer) and benji(guitar) madden were hilarious and really had amazing repoire with an audience, that for all intents and purposes were there to get "their sexy on". my favorite comment came from benji, in reference to the justin album, saying "i love futuresex....the sex i will have in the future"...maybe you had to be there, but it was hilarious.

after they left the stage, our row was invaded by one too many persons causing our roomy atmosphere to become one of extreme closeness and annoyance. plus the intoxicated couple behind us apparently felt the need to "pour one out for their homies" and blessed our bench with beer, leaving an unwelcome smell and sticky residue that we had to clean up. awesome!
but all of these problems went away the moment JT hit the stage. as noted above his performance was amazing, and our seats gave us a fantastic view of his talents. (i would have gotten pictures but i am always scared i will get up to the door and be told i have to take my camera back to the as a general rule i leave it out in the car). justin completely entertained me from beginning to end...well almost end.
here's the story:
as the time was nearing 11:00 (concert started at 7:30), i knew the show had to be ending soon, he had sung everything i could think of and when he brought out "sexyback" i was like...well that's got to be it. plus i was not getting the best vibe from the bleachers we were standing in, as they were shaking so much i thought for sure i was going to be chronicled on the news in the "great bleacher disaster of 07" segment the next day. then, with the high amount of intoxication going on around us i just felt like i wanted to get on the road back home asap. so we left. well it turns out he did a little encore and sang "another song (all over again)" and "dick in a box" (from saturday night live). sad right? not really. a few of my friends stayed for it, and thus got stuck in major parking lot traffic and arrived home an hour or so after we did. not worth it to me.

***don't get me wrong...dick in the box is hilarious (it won a freakin' emmy), but i think without andy samberg and the perfect "color me badd"-like costuming it just wouldn't be the same. maybe i'm wrong, but i'm still happy i left when i did.

all in all it was an amazing night, one of the best!


Kimmy said...

I would definitely agree that was one of the best concerts I've been to...probably the best. I'm so happy I got to go. We had a blast...didn't we?! By the way, you failed to mention the guy in front of us who was way too into the music...maybe you had to be there.

Lindsay said...

I REALLY wish I could have gone! It sounded like it was a blast.

melanie said...

What a waste is right! I can't imagine how much money they were spending on beer, losers! I could have had their seat, not spilled beer on your seat and possibly not been as annoying too. Damn people.

I'm so glad you had a good time. Still jealous but loved your recap!

Piper said...

Just so you know, not all beer drinkers are a-hole drunkies!! Glad you had fun!

angie said...

oh usually i am entertained by beer drinkers...just not when they spill their stuff on my seat or drive on the road. ;)

Jill said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! How fun! I remember the year you guys went to like three concerts in a row-glad they are still great!