Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Girls just wanna have fun...oh girls just wanna have fun.

I am feeling a little better about life. haha. (thanks for the pick-me-ups!)
I got my hair re-highlighted and trimmed a bit, and my world is now lookin a little brighter. It really is amazing (and maybe kind of weird) how much my mood is determined each day by my hair. Bad hair day=bad mood Angie.

Plus, Q has been freakin hilarious lately and she has really put me in a better mood.

This is one of her favorite new faces to make all the time.

When I was younger I had two cabbage patch dolls. A blonde, cornsilk, curly haired one, and a little black premie. (crazy right?) I kept both of the dolls all these years (along with my barbies) and have brought out the baby for Q to play with. She loves it!

She carries him around, feeds him, cuddles him, it is the cutest thing. Often times she likes to sit on my lap, cuddling me, while she holds her baby and cuddles him. It just makes me smile.

While on a little outing at Walmart this week I saw this little girls shirt that I just had to buy Q, I'm now quite sure if they realized how 80's it looked and if it was intended to be put into an outfit such as this...but nonetheless it was...look at my little retro baby.

If we had left the house again that day, you better believe she would be wearing two layers of different colored socks...and perhaps some jelly bracelets!


Kimmy said...

That outfit just put the biggest smile on my face! Seriously, it takes me back. I need something like that for Elsie. Will you be her personal shopper?!

auntiescary said...

Outfit is too cute! Don't forget the colored high-tops or patent leather slip ons. Glad you're feeling better. I'm ALWAYS a BEAST when my hair isn't good. I have to tell you tho -- folks are alays asking who the good looking girls are when I have you & Kimmy on my desktop.

melanie said...

Reed makes that face and it's my favorite too. I love it!

I'm feeling so frumpy with my long, flat hair. My appt is Friday and I can't wait!

Love the little throwback outfit too. She's a doll! I want to see the colored socks and bracelets.

Alyson said...

She is so adorable in that! Okay, and Q has the BEST eyelashes I have ever seen on a little girl. I am so jealous of them. Look at that. You can even see them from far away. She is so lucky!