Wednesday, January 27, 2010

every second counts on a clock that's tickin'...gotta live like we're dying

I love this new show on MTV called "the Buried Life".

It follows these 4 Canadian guys who, "Relying on goodwill, guts and gumption travel the globe in a purple transit bus to complete a list of '100 things to do before you die' and to help and encourage others to go after their own lists." They are funded my their own pockets, cold calls to sponsors, and the help of others willing to donate.

What a great concept.

I looked up the background of the show, and found out that these 4 young guys have been doing this project since 2006, long before a contract with MTV came their way.
Inspired by a poem written by Matthew Arnold in 1852 and these words...

But often, in the world's most crowded streets,
But often, in the din of strife,
There rises an unspeakable desire
After the knowledge of our buried life

These guys noticed that their lives were moving so quickly, and they didn't want to miss out on anything. They wanted to experience life, and help others experience life to the fullest as well.

Since their project began in 2006, they have accomplished many things (see, and now with their documentary style project hitting MTV they are reaching more people, and encouraging others by asking the simple question...

What do you want to do before you die?

I've started my are some of my ideas...

1) be on a game show
2) learn how to make bread
3) successfully pull off a short pixie haircut
4) learn how to krump
5) meet Sarah Jessica Parker and tell her how much "girls just want to have fun" defined my childhood.


auntiescary said...

I saw the ad for this and thought it looked interesting. now I'm even more interested. thanks for the heads up and now i guess I should start a list of my own. roger could totally help you on the baking bread thing and heck it's only hair go for the pixie!

Kimmy said...

I don't have a list. Hmm...something to think about. Maybe I'm too practical for a "life list." I won't even let Aaron move us to Mexico for six months!

Side note: Diana has never seen "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." I don't even understand that!

Jill said...

You can totally make bread, it's not as mysterious as it seems. Which game show do you want to go on? I think you could do a pixie cut, in the summer though, it's cold out there. I have no idea what krump is? I must have missed something there. I love girls just want to have fun. But the part where the country club dad gets that gelatinous food on him always freaks me out a bit. I have a list, but it is too long, perhaps I should try and simplify it. When I think about it too much I panic and realize there is no possible way to accomplish all I want to, there's just not enough time. Perhaps that is why I race through at full tilt all the time.

And Kim-let Aaron move you guys to Mexico! What a fun six months that would be!

lindsay>boo said...

I'm intrigued by the show. I'll have to look it up.

I think I may even make a life list too. I think by just writing things down sometimes makes things more likely to happen.

I'm glad you are feeling better about life. I hate January. I think it's just a universal thing that January is such a downer month for everybody.

dirty>south said...

1. Breakdancing lessons - check
2. Headgear - check
3. Meet a professional wrestler - check
4. Get tricked into taking my clothes off for money - check

I'm already halfway there!

lysh said...

Why do you always have to introduce me to such intiguing things? Had you not mentioned it I would have probably never come acrossed I'm so interested. As for a list, I always think of things that I would like to do but have never attempted actually writing them down. I think some things that I would put on a list one year wouldn't maybe be as pressing later. I don't know.