Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My life has been such a whirlwind since I saw you....

For two days now, and for the first time, Qiana has cried when I leave her at daycare. I hate it. My poor baby is growing up, and apparently has hit that stage where she realizes that mommy leaves her. Not cool.
But besides that aspect of her "growing up", everything is fantastic.

Qiana is really growing quite a silly personality and it is so much fun to hang out and play with her. She LOVES her mommy and would rather be anywhere that I am, as opposed to playing or exploring on her own. This means I don't have to worry much about her getting into things, but that also means that bathroom time has now become a group sport.

She absolutely adores Yo Gabba Gabba, and will stare and wiggle her body around throughout the whole show. The show is majorly trippy, but I am huge fan as well. For Christmas, Auntie Em got her the Yo Gabba hat that plays music as you dance...can't wait for it to fit her.

Q's dancing skills have really gotten better, as she has added circles (either standing up, or sitting down on the slippery kitchen floor), pelvic thrusts (no joke..she lays on her back and then lifts her pelvis up and down...don't know where she learned this), and clapping (sometimes even to the beat). It's a good thing too, cause I think I would feel like I failed her as a mother if she didn't have rhythm and couldn't dance...priorities right?

Q babbles like crazy, but has yet to really say anything that resembles english. Sometimes I make up english words for the babble she has just spouted, but perhaps I am fooling myself. I read to her and obviously conversate with her a lot (since sometimes she is all I am around on the weekends)..and yet no words have been said. I will try not to stress about this, since Elsie wasn't a talker either and now she is doing fine.

High 5's are Q's favorite form of saying either hi or bye, but lately she has been pulling out an actual hand wave as we leave sometimes...good job. Soon I will work on a peace sign for her "peace out homies"...cause how cool would that be?

I am so glad that Q isn't a very picky eater and will try most anything. Although her favorites are chicken, waffles, rice, mac'n'cheese,chef boyardee mini ravioli, corn, peas, carrots, green beans, toast, potatoes (mashed or french fry), and cereal (dry rice chex or life).

She loves to smile and laugh. Loves to be flipped upside down. Loves to be tickled. Loves to sit on mommy's lap. LOVES to snuggle. Loves to play in my shoes. Loves her plush blankets. Loves any toy involving music. Loves kitchen utensils and exploring the utensil drawer.

Loves me...and I love her.

Q at 15 months:
Height: 29.5"
Weight: 22.9 lbs. (only up .6 lbs from her 1 year visit..I was concerned but her Dr. said because she was a chubbier baby, it was her bodies way of saying "hey let's not go down THAT path" and self corrected to a weight and growth path she should be...)
HC: 18.5"

On another note: Mitch is now gone, which is so sad. Q gets so used to having him here, that for about a week after he's gone she is walking around the house trying to find him.

We had a great time though. Watched movies, ate, got him into "jersey shore", played with Q, played games, and just had a great time. I seriously love that kid.

We all do.


Krystin said...

1. Love the picture of you and your siblings!
2. I love Jersey shore. It's a hot mess, and hard to believe there are people actually like that, but it's hard to not watch!

Kacey Nielsen said...

This may come out as "look at me I think I know everything about babies" but I really really don't mean it to. So, with that frame of mind...

For most kids, they learn their first words by you congratulating them on saying something really close. Like if you are holding a ball and your child randomly makes any kind of b noise, you say "yes! Ball! Good job!" everytime they do it. That way they recognize their ability to say words and that it is a good thing.

I know, a bit preachy and slightly Dr. Sears-esque. And since that is basically what you are doing this was unnecessary.

Just ignore me.

A Bug's Life said...

Way great pictures of everyone. You all are so HOT! Glad Mitch could come visit.

dirty>south said...

so cute. chicken and waffles - that rules.

Kimmy said...

Why do we even bother buying our kids toys? Shoes, utensils, it's all way more interesting! I truly love Q. She is such a delight to be around.

It was so fun to be together with everyone (minus Aaron) this weekend. We have way too much fun doing nothing.

Emily Katlyn West said...

I agree! Your family is the funnest to chill with and yet very little has to be done to entertain! I love it. . . I LOVE Bates family time!

auntiescary said...

Wish I'd been there. Read your facebook post and unless I'm on crack wasn't there a tradition of throwing the binky out the car window (while riding) at age 2? LOVE these pics. put them all on a rotating thing on my desktop. Love you guys!