Monday, January 25, 2010

the rhythm is gonna get cha.

My new favorite artist:
Matt Morris, newly signed to Justin Timberlake's record label, performed on Ellen last week....and I fell in love with his music. He later performed his song "bloodline" with Justin later in the show, and then performed "Hallelujah" with Justin at the Hope for Haiti Telethon. I expect big things from this guy. Enjoy!


Kimmy said...

Saw him on Ellen, too. I looked him up and discovered that he is a former Mousketeer as well. You probably already knew that, but I thought it was cool. I really like his style, and I loved their performance of "Hallelujah"!!

auntiescary said...

ooooh Ang - thanks for the introduction! I HATE the hat but the voce is awesome.