Monday, January 4, 2010

Time keeps on slippin slippin slippin....

Man, What have I been up to?

watched some great movies: The Hangover, 500 days of Summer

killed time with some guilty-pleasure television: Jersey Shore, Secrets of Aspen, Frank the Entertainer:a basement affair, Tough Love, Real World 23: Washington DC

Randomly watched the "Kennedy Center Honors" and now have a huge fascination with Bruce Springsteen, and want to download some songs...any suggestions? I am also planning a Robert Deniro movie marathon, also inspired by the Kennedy Center Honors.

I debated about chillin at home alone for the rockin eve, but decided to hang out with Clinton, Rachel, Emily, and other "single warders" at their festivites in was...interesting.

Made my first ever pot roast (also my first time using my crock pot I got two years ago). Complete with vegetables, biscuits, and homemade mashed potatoes and gravy. I'm not gonna was awesome.

and attended a couple wedding receptions of cousins...younger cousins...much younger cousins...
while I began a new year like every year before...single. (haha) But that topic is for a whole other post.

But I have managed, amidst all that craziness (sarcasm), to spend some time contemplating my new year's resolutions. Often I dread making them, because most likely they become, yet one more thing in my life that I fail at...but this year I am determined to make them happen.

1. I will be the best mom that I can. I want to make sure my time with Q is quality time. This year she will be the age where she can really interact with me, where our time together will make a difference...and I don't want to fail her. She may be the only thing I got. So any ideas of fun things to do with a 1-2 year old?...small activities or big.
2. I will figure out my future. This year I will either leave Moses Lake, or decide to stay for good and become "okay" with that. Any advice is welcomed....but may not be followed (haha)
3. I will not "waste" my gym membership, and try to go at least 5 days a week, if not more. (this morning I was there at 4am---and man, I am feeling it). I don't need to be hardcore, but I need to at least put as much effort into working out as I do into eating. Helpful tips on how to stay motivated?

So that's the resolutions...failure is not an option....right?

And now I will leave you with this....

3 albums that are rockin my world right now:
1. Mary J. Blige- Stronger with each tear. Favorite songs: "the one" "each tear" "color"
2. Boyz II Men- Love. Favorite songs: "time after time" "back to good" "when i fall in love feat michael buble"
3. Alicia Keys-The Element of Freedom. Favorite songs: "Empire State of Mind (broken down)" "try sleeping with a broken heart" "doesn't mean anything"


Kimmy said...

I have many comments on this post, but I'll have to talk to you about some.

I wondered if you had decided to do something New Year's Eve. I saw on facebook that you were dancing, but that could've easily been at home!!

I'm all about the gym...I've just got to stop with the treats. Today was supposed to be the start of getting back on track and then Aaron brought home Chung Hing for dinner. Seriously?!

Diana Collins said...

Hey Ang, on resolution #2...I'm voting on you moving to the sweetness that is Nampa, Idaho! Come on down - where tbe weather is almost as bad as it is there, the singles life is almost as bad as it is there, but there's always some crazies up for a game.

Kacey Nielsen said...

Entertaining that age is easy and not at the same time. For awhile I was getting Parenting magazine and it always had great activity ideas. I really really liked that magazine.

Good luck!

auntiescary said...

Ang - the Boss is the greatest! Watching taht show I had huge memories of your Mom and Tom, Gail, Myca(very small infant) me and of course your dad at the Tacoma Dome. It rocked! We had such a good time. I really had an OMG moment yo know the happy memory mixed with the VERY sucky sadness. That was 1984 - Born in the USA tour. very cool. Also, BS related - check out Born to Run and especially a song called tenth avenue freeze out. it's not so special but it has mongo special memories for me (but they can only be told in person - or on the phone). I digress...The Boss is great ... check out any of his things - good story teller, great thinker -- John Mellencamp BLEW on his song.. I'm rambling. Love you!